1993 Mercury Grand Marquis GS V8 from North America


Nice and comfortable for the money


Replaced plug wires and gas filter, runs much smoother.

Had compression test and checks out fine.

A/C low on freon, but the compressor runs, will address this another time as it has a leak somewhere.

All windows and door locks work, and very nice after market radio.

Paint is faded some on hood and truck.

General Comments:

We needed an inexpensive older car for transportation, and after we found this car, checked out this web site for reviews.

Pretty much everything I read was correct, just a good tune up and it makes a good runner, gas mileage not bad either. Pretty much on mark of 18 city and 26 hi-way

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Review Date: 25th July, 2008

22nd Jan 2013, 00:22

I used to own a '93 GS. I sold it about 3 years ago because the frame was very bad on the passenger side. Typical rust area.

1993 Mercury Grand Marquis LS 4.6 V8 from North America


A cheap luxury car with some punch!


The car started missing bad so I had to get a set of spark plug wires which were close to $60.

The belt tensioner pulley bearing went out unknowingly. It went a whole summer and soon discovered a hole actually wore into the motor. A new bearing and cold weld fixed that.

For some reason the motor idles really high. (I think it's a vacuum leak)

Just recently all interior and dash lights and radio won't work.

General Comments:

These are beautiful cars. Mine is the loaded model with sunroof and awesome leather interior. Tons of room everywhere. The air suspension is awesome, I never had a smoother ride. The motor is also very well suited. There is plenty of power from the overhead cam V8 and going to the rear wheels is just cool. These are among the quicker cars on the road. I definitely would love to have a new one.

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Review Date: 24th April, 2002

17th Sep 2004, 12:46

I have got a car just like yours, and I also have to agree that it is a SMOOTH ride. I go over bumps and hills and you can barley feel them. I love it, all my friends have 4 cylinders and my V8 can take them all. Just wanted to say that you are right about the things you wrote.