18th Oct 2005, 06:46

I bought my Grand Marquis four years ago with 102,000 miles on it. Other than valve seals, it has been trouble free. I drive it 120 miles per day back and forth to work and average about 25 miles per gallon. It now has 238,000 miles on it. I have been so happy with it, that we just bought a new one. Even with the new one, I still drive "Goldie" every day just like always. Easily the best car I've ever owned, bar none...

22nd Dec 2010, 20:19

I bought my 1993 Grand Marquis about 9 years ago, and I am the second owner.

This has to be the best car I have ever owned, and I have owned many.

I bought it with 104KM on it, and now have turned 298KM.

This car has been to the East Coast, Florida twice, and Texas.

Also driven daily to work and back; total 100KM per day for 9 years.

Can you believe it still has the original alternator and water pump, and the air conditioning was repaired once in Florida for $200.00.

The 4.6 litre is an excellent motor, and the 4 speed transmission runs flawlessly and only requires a fluid and filter change every 3 years.

I installed dual exhaust and high performance cats normally for Mustangs. I also installed a Helical throttle spacer to spin the air at the intake. I installed a cold air intake and Iridium spark plugs 1 temperature range lower than original, and this car performs so much better, and does not have a gram-pa mobile performance when I am challenged on the road.

I love this car, and will when the time comes have the motor rebuilt, because as much as it is a 1993, it still remains rust free with original paint, and has to be one of those rare ones built on a good week at the Ford Plant!

They say when you find a used car that has been trouble free, never let it go. I was also told by The Ford dealership that I should keep it, as they just don't make them like this anymore.

23rd Dec 2010, 09:10

Also, as mentioned above about my 1993 Grand Marquis, that the air conditioning service was for converting the original R12 freon with the new R34. The temperature difference was so little, that if you drove this car, you would never know it.

When I was going to buy this car, I hesitated because it had velour seats. The dealer offered to change it over to leather complete for an additional cost of $500.00 more to me, which I approved. Wow, what a difference this made for the car.

Now I had the perfect machine.

I bought this car for $10,000 Canadian dollars, which was top dollar back then, but it has paid back due to trouble free all these 9 years.

If you like a nice muscle car sound, do what I did when I installed the dual exhaust by putting on Magna-Flow mufflers. They are made for this car, and if you want a quieter interior noise, install an X pipe after the catalytic converters. These mufflers are also guaranteed for as long as you own the car.

I also took off the original mag wheels, and installed 4 American racing mags, and it just makes the car.

I wish there was a picture on this web site where I could post the car?

I also wasn't aware that this car has an aluminum hood.

The only major problem I recently had was a short in the harness around the emergency brake pedal, as the harness somehow came out of position, and was getting cut by the mechanism every time you put on the emergency brake, but this was a rare thing to happen.

23rd Dec 2010, 09:47

I can't believe anyone would prefer leather over velour - it's uncomfortable. Hot in the summer and cold in the winter, and you get a sticky, sweaty back. In addition you slide around easily, and it usually shows wear quicker.

24th Dec 2010, 23:34

"I wish there was a picture on this web site where I could post the car?"

Join GMN (www.grandmarq.net) and post some photos in the Reader's Rides forum.