1997 Mercury Grand Marquis LS 4.6 V8 from North America


Give us the Aussie Ford Falcon!


- This is my 3rd "Panther platform" Ford. Very reliable except for the usual Ford gremlins...

- Brakes are under spec and prone to warping - my 85GM suffered from this and I believe the problem persists with new models.

- In 97 Ford replaced the metal intake manifold with a plastic one that was prone to leaks - way to go Ford!

- Power window actuators fail - expensive - $300 a piece

- Electrical glitches - heated rear window, headlight delay switch.

- Brake lines routed alongside frame behind D/side front wheel where they catch all the debris, slush etc and rot out - why does Ford do this!!?

- Gasoline odour in car? Fuel filler pipe is routed behind D/side rear wheel - stones over time will perforate pipe allowing fumes to escape - this problem has been around since 1978!!!

- Terrible traction in snow (I often wonder how the police manage with their Crown Vics). Top of the line snow tires and a sack of sand in the trunk is the only safe way to safely drive a G. Marquis in the winter

- Understressed motor can rack up huge mileages with ease (unless of course the plastic manifold gives out).

- Nevertheless, frustrating though it can be, this has to be the best used car bargain out there.

General Comments:

- Limo like ride - quiet, cushy, relaxing. Lots of room - huge trunk - makes most other cars seem like bone shakers.

- Good performance 0-60 in 9secs. Good highway gas mileage (around 30 mpg) Not great around town.

- Bodywork stands up well (some rust will develop around wheel arches if not oiled).

- Interior has been cheapened over the years - looks bare bones compared with my 85 G.M.

- Love the separate chassis construction - built like a tank and one of the safest cars on the road.

- I am a fan of these cars, but shake my head at Fords apparent refusal to fix on going faults. If you ever wonder why this Company is "circling the toilet" look no further than the way it treats its North American "bread and butter" market. Europeans get the class leading Mondeo and new Focus - we get a warmed over Mazda. The Aussies get the hot Falcon - we get the orphan Ford 500.

- I think there is a future for the G. Marquis - the rugged design lends itself to Police and Limo use. However, Ford will have to get serious about upgrading the interior, brakes and engine (225 hp from a V.8 - please!).

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Review Date: 27th January, 2008

28th Jan 2008, 21:28

I've often wondered why car companies don't improve their products as the original poster suggested - seems to work for Toyota. I own a Grand Marquis, and if the already good reliability were improved, and the engine tuned for better economy with the same power (it goes too fast for the suspension already, IMHO), they'd be outstanding cars. Ford has done some improvements, but there are a few faults that seem to persist.

But then, I always thought that GM should just have kept improving an existing car, like say the Chevette. A lot of parents would buy themselves and their kids a cheap, safe, economical, durable, and repairable car. Instead we buy them ten year old Buicks. Ah well.

1997 Mercury Grand Marquis GS 4.6 liter from North America


A reliable and strong performing car



Intake was replaced by factory (defective)

Power windows on the drivers side is off track

Front suspension is noisy and probably needs work.

General Comments:

A great car overall, as far as reliability is concerned it is great. This car has not failed me once in the 31,000 miles that I have owned it. I have been hard on it too it got driven 60 miles a day for 4 months, two 3000+ mile road trips and numerous 100+ degree days (with A/C on high). This car performed flawlessly and still does to this day. I will drive this car till it dies then purchase a newer model! I have complete trust in this vehicle. Good job Ford!

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Review Date: 28th July, 2007