1998 Mercury Grand Marquis LS 4.6 from North America


I love my Grand Marquis!


Multi-functional electrical switch was the only issue that has bothered me. Other than that, this car is trouble free.

General Comments:

I love my Grand Marquis. My first impression when I first bought and drove this car, was that the engine of Grand Marquis was so quiet, with all the windows closed, I couldn't hear any engine noise at idle. Cruising on freeway with speed of 75 miles per hour, this car is like floating in clouds. Of course, when a harsh acceleration is needed in some circumstances, the V8 4.6L engine can deliver a beast-like power to push the car from 75 mph to 90+ mph in seconds.

The city driving is also a great joy. The steering wheel is so light, it enables you to corner easily and it has a strong grip on the ground.

Most importantly, driving a Grand Marquis like seating in a couch in a living room. Besides, comfort, I always have strong sense of safety because of the size of the car. Many people say Volvo are the safest cars, but I always doubt that: how does my Grand Marquis compare next to it? Looking at my Grand Marquis, I am always confident with my Grand Marquis.

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Review Date: 27th November, 2009

1998 Mercury Grand Marquis LS 4.6L from North America


An overlooked reliable car


Replaced all brake pads @ approx. 100,000 km (60,000 miles).

The daytime running lights module.

I set it up with "directional" tires.

What I would consider normal daily wear & tear items. THAT'S IT FOR NOW...

General Comments:

I drove a 1988 Lincoln Towncar prior to this Merc. And this Grand Marquis is a great luxury contender. It handles very well once you start to throw it into the corners. Engine performance is very good considering its weight & size.

Overall, not bad for a "grandpa's car". A senior was turning it in for a new Marquis at the dealership where I bought it.. the proverbial "cream puff". A 6 year old car with 60,000 km (40,000 miles) on it & all maintenance records in a file folder too..

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Review Date: 22nd November, 2008

23rd Nov 2008, 19:17

Congrats on your purchase! I recently purchased a '93 Grand Marquis from the original owner. She only put 134k on the car and kept all service records :)

1998 Mercury Grand Marquis GS 4.6 modular V8 from North America


4.6 liters is a bit much, but I don't mind


When I got the car, it needed 4 new tires, which were expensive because they were sixteens. $500 including alignment.

As well, the driver's side door panel was separating from the plastic interior. No charge by a mechanic friend.

There was a small gasket leak, which was tightened and fixed at a local shop for 30 or 40 dollars.

The engine makes a shaking/ticking noise during hard acceleration. As well, following a hard acceleration, the car comes up with all sorts of noises (which are usually gone by the next time you start the car).

I had to get a brake job done, which cost about $200, and the brakes still squeak, but they manage to stop the car, which some might find to be important.

General Comments:

I bought the car for $3300 from a guy who parked it in a supermarket parking lot with a "For Sale" sign on it. I was kind of scared of being screwed over, because it was going to be my first car.

The next week I took it in for a check up, just to make sure the car was in good shape. It turned out that the tires were dry rotted, a gasket was leaking, and new brakes were needed. I got all the problems fixed and an oil change for about $800.

So far those were the only major problems. I'm in for about 4200 dollars total, for a 98 Marquis with 71000 miles. I'm happy with it.

The car is a beast. I feel like I could hit a brick wall and have no problems, though I don't plan on trying. I get made fun of at school, I'm going into senior year in high school, because it is either a cop car or an old man's car. Either way, I really don't car; it is a running car that only cost me 4 grand, and it is safe, reliable, and comfortable.

The only complements my friends give me are on the car's room and comfort. It seats six easily, and the seats are amazingly comfortable. It's like driving on a Lazy Boy.

As far as performance, the car clearly wasn't made to test 0-60's or street race. My Marquis accelerates fast enough to merge into traffic, 0-60 in just under 9 seconds, which is all I need. However, one of the fun features of the car is its rear wheel drive. From a stop, I can easily spin the wheels into a drift and peel out, but I try not to do this a lot because it wastes gas and kills tires.

The listed top speed of the car is 110mph, which is wrong. The speedometer stops labeling at 120 and pins at 135. On a straight section of highway, right after I got the car, I hit 117 or so, and there was plenty left. I will never try this again, because it is dangerous, irresponsible, and wasteful.

When I got the car, gas was around three dollars a gallon, but now its above four. I'm basically eating it on gas. The car's EPA mileage is 15/22. This marking seems to be a bit off as well. When I was driving purely around town, and waiting in traffic, I got 17 miles per gallon, but now with my 17 mile commute to work four days a week, I am mixing 21 miles per gallon, with my highway speeds averaging about 70 to 75 miles per hour. I once did go on a road trip to Delaware from northern Pennsylvania, and I got 31 miles per gallon at 60 mph. The gas tank holds 20 gallons, but only recognizes 16, so the gas gage is no help, and the fuel light comes on when you have 4 gallons left. My ERG or EGR, something like that, sensor is done, and needs to be replaced. The mechanic says its killing my gas mileage, which it is not.

Overall, the car was a good deal. I'm sure I'll get rid of it within the next year, in preparation for college, but until then I will be happily cruising in the Grand Marquis.

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Review Date: 29th June, 2008

30th Jun 2008, 19:48

Don't sell the car unless you can't afford the gas. You will probably end up regretting it later.

30th Jun 2008, 22:49

First off, It's your first car.

You are always going to have problems with any used car as well as the first one you own.

I was in my senior year in 2005 when I bought my first car which was an 1989 Crown Vic (which I also wrote a review for). It gave me a fair share of problems but was my first car, and was not fresh off the assembly line.

My dad has a 1999 Grand Marquis with 389,000 miles on it with minimal problems.

I find it the most reliable car ever assembled.

Of course, you are really taking a chance buying a car advertised in a store parking lot. I say you got a decent bargin!

By the way, I get made fun of as well from friends and I'm 20. But girls my age think it's sexy and like the back seat!

1998 Mercury Grand Marquis LS 4.6 from North America


Nothing yet.

General Comments:

I have driven this car for 15,000 mi and I love it. Very comfortable and roomy. I recently bought 4 tires for a Vette and put all 4 in the trunk with some other luggage also.

Purchased the performance option which included dual exhaust, adding 20 hp, and auto load leveling....great.

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Review Date: 26th September, 1998

16th Sep 2003, 08:37

My 1999 grand marquis is my third one... always been the right car for me. However this is the first one had any problems with. Its always had a ping noise in engine under light acceleration or going up hills. Dealer said don't worry it is only the fuel sensor. But now three years later and warranty has expired, its gotten real bad. sounds like a typewriter. Not sure what to do at this point.. Perhaps its trade in time again..