23rd Nov 2003, 23:39

You will have to have the EGR valve replaced, or it could be the EGR valve air feeding port that is clogged up with carbon.

The 4.6 is bad to do this.

I have a 95 4.6 Crown Vic. At 125,000 miles it started to ping real bad. For one year or more, I just put in 93 Octane fuel in it (93 made it stop). See we have a "Super-Tuesday" at our Shell's around here (NWest AR) = Premium gas at regular price on Tuesday. No extra cost to use premium for me.

Anyway. I cleaned it out myself (I would not recommend doing this unless you have the time and good knowledge about cars). Also, it is very hard to reach, as you will have to be working right in front of the center of the windshield, down in the engine, up on top of the front of the transmission. It will help if you're young and very flexible -- I am 24, and it even almost killed me.

It made a huge difference, and I didn't replace the EGR valve.. I just cleaned out about 3 tea spoons of carbon build up.

This gave the car tons of more power, and even made the transmission shift a lot smoother. Better MPG as well.

Mine does still ping, but not as bad.

I would recommend having a shop do this job, and go ahead and replace the EGR valve -- total cost should be $350.00, and make sure they clean out the air passageway port or even the entire throttle body. Cleaning the whole thing is really the way to go. Make sure they actually do it, and are not cheating you; some shops will cheat anyone on repairs like this.

Also, if your trans shutters around 35-45 mph, have the torque converter drained and have the rest of the trans serviced, and then pour 4oz of fluid anti-friction fluid modifier into the transmission.

The cost of fluid is around $6.00, and it comes in like an 8oz bottle at the Ford place.

No need to trade it off for this reason.

22nd Feb 2005, 16:04

Friction modifier comes in a 4 oz bottle and you should pour only 2oz in your transmission.