2001 Mercury Grand Marquis V8 from North America


Great vehicle, sorry engine


The engine blew at 92,225 miles.

All regular maintenance was documented.

Reason unfounded.

The rockerarm (?) broke and after that the damage resulted in the need to replace the engine or total the vehicle.

With the help of Jasper Engines (and some serious cash), I'm back on the road.

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Review Date: 25th March, 2007

4th Jan 2008, 07:34

Sorry about your engine problem. From my experience, that was a fluke. These cars have been known to go well over 300k with few problems.

2001 Mercury Grand Marquis G.S. 4.6L gas from North America


Big car ride small car price!


I have had this car for three days, I have had a problem with the starter, it sounds as though the teeth in the starter aren't connecting to the transmission properly.

I called the dealer, they fixed it in an hour at no cost. I have been very pleased with the service at Burdick Drivers Village, I would recommend anyone to buy a car there.

General Comments:

I Love the way it handles, Its like a big car that handles like a small car. I had a town car before this, and this is a nicer car.

My car has no options at all, which I like, but I am not comfortable in the seat as I would like.

I do not really care for the wheel covers (I have the lacy spoke covers) My plan is to put some American Racing mag wheels on it in the spring.

I am not a fan of green cars, but this tropical green metallic really pops in the sun.

I hope to get many years of service out of this car.

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Review Date: 29th January, 2007

2001 Mercury Grand Marquis LSE 4.6 liters from North America


Excellent value for a big well performing car


Passenger seat electric adjustment motor and tracks required replacement.

Driver door entry code key pad needed replacement.

General Comments:

This car is a wolf in sheep's clothing. Normally this car is viewed as a "seniors" car, but it is surprisingly quick and powerful and equipped with the Ford Handling Suspension package corners as if is on tracks.

Amazing for a big car.

There is inadequate space in the rear seat foot area once the front seats are fully adjusted to the rear.

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Review Date: 3rd July, 2004

5th Jul 2004, 21:35

How much did the code key thing cost, mine has that as well and I was just wondering in case I need to do that =)

2001 Mercury Grand Marquis LS 4.6 from North America


A lot of car for the money; simply a great buy


Fuel filler door would sometimes pop open when crossing a RR track or on rough roads. Was adjusted and is now fine. Other than that, the car has been perfect!

General Comments:

I commute 2 hour a day, and the car provides a comfortable and dependable ride. Would not hesitate to purchase another.

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Review Date: 12th June, 2004