2001 Mercury Grand Marquis LX 4.6 from North America


So far I'm happy (2 months)


Inherited problems from the original owner:

Master door Lock/Unlock switch non-op.

Radio static, as if the antenna wire is a bit loose.

"Chrome" on front of hood is starting to crack and possibly peel.

Exhaust system vibrating against the body in the rear.

Dirt and mud sprays up along the rear fenders, because there are no mud flaps or fender moldings to prevent this.

Previous owner had a blower resister go bad, and some switches replaced.

Overall, nothing serious.

General Comments:

I am pleased with it. Just purchased with 25,000 geezer miles for $6000, and it is just like a new car.

The handling takes some getting used to. This is no Toyota Cressida. The steering is vague on the freeway requiring constant attention, and even then it wanders off line. I'm hoping that I can get used to this, otherwise I will have to sell.

When you take a corner in this car, you always have to "clean it up" afterwards; you don't just go around a corner like in a small precise car.

Passing power is very weak in 2nd, and it won't kick down to 1st unless you are maybe 35MPH. That is the only point where you will be happy; in 1st 35MPH until shift.

I still enjoy it, since I didn't buy it expecting neck-snapping acceleration.

Pretty nice interior with the exception of the chintziest glove box imaginable (what were they thinking!?)

It's a challenge finding a comfortable seat setting.

Sound system is acceptable, except for the loose antenna connection somewhere, causing static. Tapes sound good.

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Review Date: 23rd December, 2010

27th Dec 2010, 03:37

That's not normal for a big car, the problem you're having with the steering. I've owned many full-size American sedans (including 3 Grand Marquis from various years), and anytime the car "wanders", there is an issue that needs to be fixed. I hope you fix it instead of selling; the Grand Marquis is one of the VERY LAST true big V8 Rear-Wheel drive American sedans. The end of a beautiful era when cars were safer (yes safer, I've wrecked a couple and all that Detroit steel surrounding the cabin saved my butt), had more power, and were more comfortable. Not to mention simpler and easier to work on. Get your steering checked, and see what you can or can't do with it before selling..

2001 Mercury Grand Marquis 4.6 from North America


I would buy another if it had a floor shifter and dual exhaust


Heater core, rear axle bearings, and radiator all at 300,000 miles.

General Comments:

The car is an LX model; dual exhaust, K&N air filter, performance mufflers (master flow), runs Ford 5 20 blend oil, trans fluid change every 30,000 miles as floor shifter.

This the best car I ever owned. I drive the car often from Ft. Hood Texas to Riverside California in 100 degrees heat (ssg in U.S. Army).

The car is great (this will be my Grand Torino).

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Review Date: 18th August, 2009

21st Aug 2009, 23:16

Apparently, you never heard of the Mercury Marauder...

2001 Mercury Grand Marquis GS 4.6L from North America


Excellent transportation for the money, good ride, handling, and fuel economy


A couple of engine sensors (about $400.00 total to repair).

Front brake rotors three times (2 under warranty) plus pads twice. For some reason the front brake rotors have been prone to warping in this car, and we do not drive it hard.

Passenger side rear window track is defective.

Rear seat belts tend to be slow to retract (we have two young kids so they are in use all the time).

Engine head had slow oil leak through casting, was repaired under warranty.

Heater controls replaced under warranty.

Passenger side front seat rails replaced under warranty.

General Comments:

An excellent car for the money, has been vary reliable, handles well, has good performance, gets excellent fuel economy for its size (21-29 MPG), and is comfortable.

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Review Date: 18th February, 2008

4th Nov 2013, 19:14

Just sold this particular Marquis in October 2013. At the time of sale it had over 232,000 miles on it and was still as reliable as ever. I bought an identical car with low mileage. My mechanic of many years purchased the high mileage Marquis, everyone was happy.

5th Nov 2013, 16:59

After discontinuing this platform, I would love to see one of today's Fords withstand the durability and exceed the 300,000 mile mark, which was very common on all the variants of the Panther platform. Maybe the new Taurus, but I doubt it.

6th Nov 2013, 11:27

I'm sure the newer cars can meet the 300,000 mile standard, if you're willing to spend $100,000 on repairs and rebuilding along the way.