22nd Apr 2017, 17:46

Ironically enough I had these and former Crown Victorias as company cars. Ones I would never buy either as I am more into sports cars. I preferred the Crown Vic's I had first. More power and better handling. And bigger engine then. Could have been due to how they could be ordered. But the Marquis was more luxury.

On a straightaway this car cannot be beat; hours of driving, very relaxing with many starts and stops daily.

These cars required minimal maintenance, which is great for company cars. Way back before Enterprise you could not afford downtime as you lose business revenue. I figure I have driven easily a million miles on business. Air I am up there too. I had some great numerous company cars and some crummy ones. Probably in my own way I feel I am the best new commenter. I didn't buy them, but drove daily many miles. You don't look for cheapest gas prices; in fact you pull in anywhere. Zero emotional attachment as it's not my dime and in turn will tell it like it is. With no bias. Most brand new cars I had provided to me had little issue. The full size Ford models like this stood out as never a worry. You drive here in the Northeast with snow depth, temperature extremes, humidity etc. Starting the engine over and over 200 miles a day round trips. Granted we didn't keep our cars long, but these held up well.

The dated styling never turned me on even when new. I just don't like these kind of vehicles by their appearance. But room and nice driving, and a large trunk to carry electronic equipment securely. But a free car, free gas and insurance has some appeal. When home, I drove the cars I really like. Some guys only use a company car and buy no other. Put the savings in a home. And it's maybe a waste, looking at money only, buying personal ones. I did own 2 Mercedes like you and the running costs are eye worthy. Just looking at parts. They have you and know it. But you probably really liked it as I did. Repairs are just repairs. I don't worry about it, just the fun. I now work at a fixed office 15 minutes away. But still have one. Still travel, but less steering wheel time. If you can ever find a job with a take home 7 day week company car, it's highly worth pursuing. Great benefit. You do actually drive less personally as you drove all week with work. You see 5 days of enough distance scenery to hold you from running far on weekends.