11th Jan 2012, 18:52

Well throughout the 80's and still in the early 90's, all cars looked the same more or less, the box was in vogue. Of course you still had big cars, mid-size, and small cars, so there was some obvious differences. Nowadays it doesn't help that everything looks alike, but you don't really have the difference in size like you used to. What is considered a large car now is pretty much the same size on the outside as a mid-size car. The larger expensive models are 10-15 K more than the mid-size counterparts, but they don't look distinguished like they used to.

12th Jan 2012, 02:57

Great review. I used to own a 1986 Crown Victoria too, and the car was such a pleasure to drive. Very low maintenance and built solid.

They will run very high mileage too, mine had over 400k on it, and it was still working when I sold it. Great car, I miss it a lot.

This car and the Chevy Caprice were the last of the REAL cars, full size, rear wheel drive, body on frame, Detroit iron at its finest.

25th Jan 2012, 13:49

Indeed, this is a very informative and a very well written review. Thanks for that!

Just one word didn't seem right: the "solidarity" of the interior. I believe you meant "solidity".

About the windows: try a little bit of silicone lube like "Silglyde" in the window surrounds.

10th Nov 2014, 17:57

I'm looking at getting a '90 Grand Marquis with 34,000 miles.

17th Dec 2014, 00:31

You must have seen the same one I saw on Craigslist. It's a 1990, gray with 34,000 miles.

19th Dec 2014, 08:22

Just as a warning, these cars have 5-digit odometers; that Marquis could have 134k on it, make sure that the numbers line-up perfectly.

19th Dec 2014, 18:10

Those five-digit odometers used in Panther bodies from that era also have nylon gears that are prone to failure. That 34K odometer may very well have stopped registering any more miles years ago.

However, even if the low mileage figure is correct, that's not necessarily a good thing on a 24 year old vehicle. Cars that are only driven rarely can deteriorate much more quickly than ones that are driven a normal amount.

19th Dec 2014, 22:19

Even if it does have 134k, the car still has a long life to live. These older Panthers, along with the newer ones, are capable of exceeding 300k.

20th Dec 2014, 22:46

Right, I just don't want the poster to get overcharged with the price.

If anything 134,000 would be better; means it's been driven and taken care of regularly.

Just make sure that the heater core's good and the transmission linkage is all in good shape, and you'll be good to go.