20th Feb 2005, 12:32

My Grand Marquis is quite a few years older than yours, but I had the exact same transmission problem -- the plastic bushing that should be replaced with a brass one as it dries out from heat. The transmission place that rebuilt my transmission forgot to check that bushing, and because of that the transmission failed again with in a few hundred miles.

Needless to say he wasn't too thrilled with the few seconds he saved by not checking it! As a courtesy I mention this to every Grand Marquis owner I run into.

6th Apr 2005, 20:58

I had the same problem, with the transmission, but I didn't realize how that cable had to be adjusted just right. I had a junk yard tranny put in and had to replace it once more because it wore out OD because of it not shifting at the correct speed. I loved my Grand Marquis. It served me very well and even thought I had to replace some gaskets, (I had an oil leak due to a build up in pressure in the manifold due to the internal gasket not being made of a mesh, but a fiber one that over time wore out. Mine had 101k when I bought it for 178k on it when I got rid of it in turn for a 1992 Town Car. The Lincoln Rides very good and has a little better gas mileage, however I still think the Grand marquis is a nicer car.

12th Aug 2005, 08:42


I also have a 1991 Grand Marquis LS.

The car is black with red interior, has 140,000 miles on it and looks like new.

The interior has no wear at all in it.

The black paint still shines like new; I get lots of comments.

People can't believe the car is 14 years old.

Only Repairs:

1.Changed AC to R-134 refrigerant (due to Freon leaks and very expensive R-12). $1400 job.

2. Replaced 1 window motor and 2 door lock motors.

A good, trouble-free car.

I added the brass TV bushing to prevent tranny damage.

Mileage: 13 city/ 24 Highway.

I drive 120 highway miles/day round trip to work.

5th Jul 2007, 22:55

My 1991 Grand Marquis LS was perfect cosmetically, but needed many mechanical fix-ups: transmission rebuild, replaced window regulators, new plugs, new tires, wires, etc. All this is to be expected, given the fact that the car was 16 years old when I bought it. The 'shade tree' mechanic had the timing set wrong, so that needed correction, too. The interior is like new and I could not ask for a finer, quieter car! This is my dream car. The ride is superb and comfortable, and the gas mileage is 17 mpg city/ 29 (no kidding!) highway. With my repairs and the purchase price, I have invested about $3,000 in it, and it is all worthwhile. The odometer is just over 100k miles and I know this to be true (I know the family who has owned it since new).

1st Nov 2007, 22:36

I just bought a 1991 Mercury Grand Marquis that had very little problems. I got the car in June and it had 21k original miles on it. I know the odometer never tripped because the guy that had the car before me only used it MAYBE twice a month since he drove it from Virginia down to Georgia.

The only problems I've had with it so far are the window regulators, the plastic TV washer (which I replaced with an e-clip and rubber bushing), a speed sensor, new brakes all around, new shocks, and now I think I'm going to have to rebuild the transmission because I didn't catch the washer issue until I drove it for about 3000 miles.

Most of the parts I replaced just because I knew they would need it in about a year or two. I've driven it from Georgia to New York and then down to New Orleans. I still think it's funny that my wife loves her imports, but falls asleep every time she gets in my car.

What can I say; can't beat an old American tank for comfort and reliability.

16th Jul 2009, 11:26

I love my 1991 Grand Marquis. It's never broke down. The tranny bushing broke when I did the top end engine, so I fixed it with a zip tie LOL. It's fast and styling a chick magnet. If you have a good driver it looks like a cop car. Never had any major problems; only the windows, I hate them, but I can work them. It smokes my mom's 85 Eldorado like it was standing still.

7th Nov 2009, 17:01

Where can I buy such a TV bushing to protect my GM 1991 tranny?

8th Nov 2009, 15:29

You'll want to get the brass replacement bushing. Should be available at your Ford dealer or nearest auto parts store.

12th Nov 2009, 18:21

Thanks. I was at my Mexican repair shop to change the bushings. He asked me where they are (normally he repairs Honda). Can anyone shortly describe, where these bushings are? Are their in the frontwall? THX in advance!

28th Dec 2010, 15:52

I have a 1991 Mercury Grand Marquis. It needs the TV washer. I am on fixed income, and know I cannot afford to take the car to a dealer to have fixed. I'd love to be able to find a backyard type of mechanic to fix. What I am wondering, is that, will the transmission have to be pulled? Is the TV washer inside of it? Is it easy to get to?

If anyone has any of these answers, let me know..


29th Dec 2010, 21:16

ATTN poster 15:52.

DO NOT drive the car if the TV bushing has let go; the transmission will fail. If you already have, the damage may already be done. It's best to up-grade to a brass bushing before you have any issues with the original plastic one.

For more info on this subject, please visit www.grandmarq.net