26th Feb 2005, 21:03

Wow. You guys have the same awesome car I have! But I'd bet neither of your has twins.

I bought mine for $400.00 plus trade for a 1992 Nissan "Sentra" with a bad clutch and 170,000 miles. It's a 1988 GS, and it's a 1988 LS. They both have the same paint/vinyl scheme and look like twins parked next to each other.

The "twins" came as a package deal, on the condition that I had the "bad" one hauled away. I drove it 20 miles to my house.

The GS is an awesome car, has the 302 and AOD. Only had 108,000 miles on it when I got it in early 2004. Everything works perfectly except the right rear window and the door locks. Driver's door lock doesn't work, and the right rear window motor runs, but sounds like a tooth broken off of the gear.

It gets 26mpg highway, and about 19 in town. I converted the A/C to R134A, and it is ICE cold. It needs a new brake power booster. Currently has a leak around the boot, but the brakes work fine, and have since I got the car.

I love driving it. It will smoke a Caddy off the line, on the line, and around the line. Drives like a dream. Wouldn't trade it for a new Lincoln.

Car #2 is also a 1988, but is the LS model with premium sound system and AWESOME upholstery change. This one, however, needs a lot of TLC. As I was driving it home (hauling it away) the water pump sprung a major leak. The other problem is the transmission. It shifts from first to second, then stays there and doesn't shift again until it's time to go back into first.

The windshield is cracked, and leaks, and is surrounded by duct tape. The car appears to have been driven by an abusive teenager, but that's OK by me. I was one of those drivers once.

This summer will bring time and money for repairs, and hopefully the second will be as awesome as the first. It has 175,000 miles, and the engine still runs like new and doesn't miss a beat.

To those of you who have had bad luck with this car, please - try another one. They're not all bad. I love mine!

12th Nov 2006, 09:05

Well my beautiful car is now deceased. We had a tornado and a large maple tree totalled it. It is the most beautiful totalled vehicle I have ever seen.