5th Apr 2005, 12:53

Update to comments.

I got rid of the car as soon as the transmission went. I never did replace the radiator, heater core, or power window motor. They went bad and I had an appointment to get them fixed. The transmission went bad 2 days before my appointment so I canceled the appointment and did not bother fixing the car.

The car was given to me and I never drove it until I received it.

I spent about $300 on the car for the 10,000 miles I drove it. New hoses, belts, oil changes, and some other basic maintenance.

If my comparison to the 1993 Eldorado is unfair then compare it to my 1972 Lincoln Mark IV. The 1972 Mark IV is a better car in every aspect except for the gas mileage and radio. Even a car 17 years older beats this car.

My opinion still stands that this car is just low quality and I am glad to see it is not around anymore. I will be writing opinions for my 1993 Eldorado, 1972 Mark IV, 1999 Lexus ES300, and 1982 Rolls-Royce Silver Spur soon. Please read them and you can see what makes a good car.

2nd Nov 2005, 14:29

Some people who are not the brightest seem to be so upset because I did not like the Mercury. If you think these cars are great, then good for you. I know I would never go and actually pay money for one of these cars. The only reason I took this one is because I got it from my grandparents for free. Why would anyone buy a Mercury when you can buy the Lincoln for a few thousand more? I however would not buy the '89 town car either since it is poor also. If you want a full size car that is good from this time period, then try a Cadillac, Buick Park Avenue, or Mercedes SEL.

You can read my other reviews on my other cars:

1993 Eldorado - A Cadillac that never failed


1999 Lexus ES300 - Nice economical daily driver


1982 Rolls Royce Silver Spur - Very nice, but not perfect


30th May 2007, 23:17

I drive my 89 Grand Marquis as it was a sports car and I have had no problems with it. It has actually been one of my better cars over the years. Yeah I agree she has some problems, but what do you expect from a car that is almost 20 years old. If the mileage on the car is less 75000 with the age. Well did you expect everything to be in good working condition. The worst thing for a car is to let it sit. Even if you are not going to drive it regularly at least go out and start it up, let it run for about 15-20 minutes. This way the car warms up and all the condensation from sitting has a chance to evaporate.

With the suspension on the from the first comment. Does the vehicle have heavy duty springs on the rear. Mine does and it doesn't feel like I'm on a boat. Actually it drives better then most cars I have driven and I have driven a lot being in the automotive profession.

16th Sep 2007, 12:13

We have an '84 Grand Marquis, with around 100,000 miles on it. The car is great, and while just slightly less trouble free than our full sized GM cars (Olds Delta 88's, Caprices), it has been a bit more comfortable. Great seats. Basically our only major repair was the transmission at around 50,000 miles, maybe 5 years ago, but that was after the car had been sitting for years, and it only cost like $700. Naturally the previous owner was an elderly.

I think there are a few changes from the 84 to the 88s on, and not all for the better, but it is basically the same car. People generally complain about this big boats simply because they don't like this type of car. I love them.

23rd Aug 2014, 08:21

When you got to it, it was already 16 years old. I have nothing but good comments.