1989 Mercury Grand Marquis LS 5.0 liter from North America


Very smooth ride


Gas line blew out.

Exhaust had a hole in it.

Transmission is starting to go.

Gasket blew.

Interior is worn (mainly due to the previous owner smoking and burning it by accident).

Brake light switch needed replacement.

Trunk release button won't work.

Locks don't work.

General Comments:

Despite all of the faults that I've had with this car, I really enjoy having it. Living up in the northern part of Maine, some commutes are really long and this is the car to do them in. The winters up here really do a number on the roads, but this thing seems to glide right over the imperfections and potholes.

I only paid 700 for this car, and have only put in about 500-600 of work into it. I don't get to drive it very often, but when I do, I'm always pleased with it.

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Review Date: 12th March, 2014

14th Mar 2014, 07:09

"some commutes are really long and this is the car to do them in"

200 miles in one year?

1989 Mercury Grand Marquis LS 5.0 Liter from North America


A well-built, very reliable, and comfortable car


Low beam lights don't work.

Air conditioning went out at 130,000.

Water pump went out at 150,000.

Alternator failed at 220,000.

Transmission failed at 234,000.

General Comments:

They advertised riding in it as being "...like sitting on a couch," and it is.

It has sufficient power to get the job done.

Acceleration is lacking at over 60 mph, but it isn't a slouch at getting on the freeway.

It's a very safe and solid car. It has never let me down.

It's awesome on long trips!

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Review Date: 13th October, 2012

14th Oct 2012, 12:52

As a Volvo 244 owner (and Crown Vic fan), I'd like to know how your 244 compared to the Marquis.

I remember sitting in a Marquis, but ended up with a Volvo 240 for its better handling and thinner body; they're better at avoiding crashes.

18th Oct 2012, 00:01

"Transmission failed at 234,000."

Did the plastic grommet on the TV cable give out?

18th Oct 2012, 17:41

It probably did break, but at 200k miles that piece of plastic held up better compared to the usual 90-100k.

People go on and on about how good the newer Panthers are, but I think that the earlier box models have better quality parts in them.

1989 Mercury Grand Marquis GS 5.0 302 from North America


Love the car, would buy another one!


Door locks never worked right... and can't unlock from outside the vehicle.

Exhaust went, but typical on an older car.

Starter not engaging (freewheeling) occasionally, and radiator has minor leak, but both have been doing that for over 3 years.

Frame rail rusted, but was cheap to get it welded ($130)... just under driver's door/passenger side doors.. watch for this in the snow belt areas.

Body rusted in rear quarters.. I was able to rebuild them myself.

Heater malfunctions and blows hot air on its own, even in the summer... I just put in a ball valve on the heater hose.

Back window motors plastic gear wears out on these.. but cheap to fix it yourself ($20 each window).

Gas pedal comes up too far, making it uncomfortable on long trips.

Headlight switch connector wore out... tough to get at, have to dismantle nearly the whole dash unit.

General Comments:

Very dependable, and getting 21 MPG in mixed driving.

Great performance.. handling and fuel economy for a full size sedan.

Interior holding up very well for a 23 year old car.

Cheap to fix, and parts are cheap too.

The vehicle seems pretty well made overall.

Not full of sensors (like newer cars) to go wrong...

Seats are like sitting on a couch in your living room.

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Review Date: 24th August, 2012

1989 Mercury Grand Marquis LS 302 V8 from North America


A joy to own


Other than what you would expect at 85,000, this car has been a lifesaver and a joy to own. It has needed a new battery, starter (which I bought rebuilt), emission sensors to meet Arizona standards, and a kindly mechanic who took my oil pump off and "cleaned"it up. I originally paid $600 for it, and have put $800 into it. And I didn't need to do all that til I hit 97,000, when I move to Arizona from Nebraska, mainly to meet Arizona emission standards.

General Comments:

This car has been a VERY dependable piece of transportation. I even had to live in it for 10 days when I first moved to Arizona!! It was very comfortable, and pleasant. This would be the car to live in, if you had to. I would like to buy one of the new ones, but I'd keep this one for a spare. Long live the land boats!!!

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Review Date: 5th November, 2009