1989 Mercury Grand Marquis LS 5.0 litre (302ci) from North America


A great substantial piece of machinery


My grandmother gave me the car. It had sat in the garage for a long period. The transmission had to be rebuilt due to dried up seals.

Other than that, the only problem was a minor one in the ignition switch which was repaired for free at a local garage.

General Comments:

I could not ask for more from a car even if I had paid for it! Comfort, reliability, safety, power, good looks and security.

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Review Date: 11th January, 2001

4th Mar 2001, 20:57

I'm Ben from Pennsylvania. I own a 1989 Mercury Grand Marquis. I bought it in November of 1989. It has a 302 5.0 V8. I really like this car. I do have to say I've had some electrical problems with it. The first thing that went wrong with it was the starter. I have replaced the alternator, the starter and the solenoid box.

28th Jul 2001, 16:13

Reading this makes me wish I had bought that '89 Merc when I had the chance (bought smaller, crappier car instead). My next car, God willing, will be a Grand Marquis. I've realized the potential of cars that are bad on gas but never break down, compared to my car (suspense and anticipation when trying to start it in the morning).

Plus: class, class, class!

15th Dec 2001, 00:10

I owned a 1989 Mercury Grand Marquis LS. It was loaded including the factory stainless steel rocker kit. I bought it with 65000 miles and sold it with 88000. This car had a smooth soft ride and for the previous comment... You should have bought one of these cars. I am obsessed with larger cars. I don't care what car you drive, how and where you drive it makes your gas mileage. These cars are great on gas compared to many newer mid-size luxury sedans. Why wouldn't anyone want the safety, room, and comfort of these cars as opposed to something else... BUY these cars!!

1989 Mercury Grand Marquis LS 5.0 liter from North America


This car has 130,000 miles. I bought it for $1600.00 with 120,000 miles knowing it needed a little work. I have put about $400.00 into it. It needed an exhaust after the converter, rear brakes, radiator and water pump.

General Comments:

I know that this car will go to at least 300,000 miles. Gets 24 MPG at 65 MPH on 87 octane in cruise control. I love this car and would buy another. The car is dark blue and has the clear coat problem that most cars have. Located in Massachusetts and has no rot anywhere.

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Review Date: 14th February, 1999

10th Sep 2001, 15:36

I owned a 1988 G. M LS with 118K and I wish I still had it.. Twas a great car and comfortable.

12th Sep 2002, 12:37

I have a 1988 Grand Marquis with 227547 miles and runs like a top this car will run for probably another 100000 miles easily.

6th Dec 2003, 11:20

Bought this for $1800 11/02. Over the past year put over $1000 in repairs into it! Every other week, something breaks down. When bought it had only 80,700 miles on it; now it has only 90,600. Power steering pump, water pump, electronic switches have been replaced. Transmission now bucks a slight bit when shifting in to gear aound 30mph. I hate to ask, but... what next???!!!

19th Jan 2008, 13:33

I bought my 1989 in July '07 I do love this car. I paid $1000.00 for it. it had over 350,000kil on it and it drives like brand new. it uses no oil and most of the power options work. The few problems I've had are the a/c front bearing went, so I just cut the belt. Heater doesn't work too well and in Canada in winter that can be a problem though I think it's just the thermostat not such an easy fix on this car. All in all I enjoy the old beast and will drive it till it, or I die Which ever comes first.