26th Oct 2006, 01:50

Don't agree with feeling classy I just like the car because it's a perfect car.

22nd Oct 2007, 13:36

One does not have to be past 40 or 50 years old to appreciate the things a car like the Grand Marquis can offer; classy looks, luxurious ride and interior, and plenty of room for five or six people, depending on whether the car has a bench seat in the front. Large cars like the Grand Marquis are also very safe, and can't possibly be MORE boring than a Honda Accord or Toyota Camry.

26th Mar 2009, 23:08

I agree with your whole review except the age. I am 23 years old and bought a brand new Mercury Grand Marquis. I love the car and won't drive anything else.

29th Mar 2009, 21:18

Same here! I agree with you completely, except for the age part. I'm 17 and I own a 2004 Crown Victoria. Which is pretty much the same thing as a Marquis, Just a little more on the basic side, and I love it! Best car I have ever driven. (My previous was a Chevy Cavalier. It was so-so) Later on, when it comes time to buy a really new car, I've been thinking of a Grand Marquis, It's a beautiful car inside and out! (Hence they stopped selling the Vic to the public as of '07 or '08)

12th Aug 2009, 21:51

I also disagree with the age comment. I'm 29 and love full size AMERICAN sedans. Growing up, my dad and grandfather always had a full frame, V8 car. I've been driving Buicks for the past 10 years, and due to some expensive repairs on my LeSabre I'll probably be looking at other makes. In a few years when we can afford it better, I'll probably buy a new Grand Marquis. You can't beat wide bench seats, V8 power and sturdy body on frame construction.

14th Aug 2009, 17:30

I'm 24 and also like large traditional American cars. I prefer Buicks however. I have a 2005 Park Avenue and previously had a '99. My grandparents have a '99 Town Car and I think my Buick looks nicer and rides more smoothly.

To the commentor who stated he wants to buy a brand new Grand Marquis, you better not wait. I hear they will go fleet sales only as the Crown Victoria and Ford plans to completely do away with its large cars in a few years. While I'm not a fan of them, the news saddens me as there will be virtually no large cars left on the market.

I will probably buy a Lucerne when my Buick is paid for, then I will probably move to an SUV as I foresee there being no more large cars with split bench seats and column mounted shifters or smooth boulevard rides for that matter.

Sad that era had to come to an end. But I guess all good things do.

16th Nov 2009, 22:29

My first car was a '89 LTD Crown Victoria and ever since I wanted another one... The 03 and newer Panther cars (Town Car, Grand Marquis and CV) are great and somewhat regret not getting a Grand Marquis or Crown Vic when I had the chance, I got an Impala instead, which is an OK car, but definitely doesn't drive like a panther! BTW I'm in my mid 20s.

17th Nov 2009, 11:56

Alas, the Buick Park Avenue is not really a 'traditional American car'. I have a 1992 Park Avenue, and a 1984 Olds Delta 88 - the former has front wheel drive and a unibody, the latter full frame, V8, and rear wheel drive. I only consider the latter to be a 'real car' or in any sense worthwhile, though it is certainly true that the Park Ave gets me places more pleasantly than, say, a European or Japanese car would do.

17th Nov 2009, 13:37

Yeah I'm 20 and I love, love, love my beautiful mint-condition 1995 Mercury Grand Marquis LS and 1998 Ford Crown Victoria LX. Both have cloth tops and gold badging and are creampuffs. I always get comments on them and they are my pride and joy. I do not need kids or a wife, I got the loves of my life! These Panther cars run longer than anything I've ever heard of besides the old Mercedes 300D's (which I am about to add to my collection). I love driving by Honda's and Toyota's with my nose in the air! I do have t admit that the 2008 and up Accords look a lot better than the prior ones though.

19th Jul 2011, 14:47

Don't agree with comments from people saying you have to be a certain age to appreciate the beauty of these cars! Age is irrelevant! Quit making sweeping generalizations. I'm 24, and I own a '97 Crown Vic, and it shows no signs of dying any time soon.

16th Dec 2016, 01:17

If you can't find a nice Merc, buy Lincoln. I got a 93 Town Car; awesome, reliable machine.

16th Dec 2016, 08:02

When I was the same age in the 70s, we didn't want to ever be seen driving these kind of cars. The exception was a 73 new Thunderbird or Marks from the era in my case. They were my parents. My kids called my newer Marquis a very old fashion old folk's car. I guess there are some in their early 20s today who view these models differently. I would probably be in a nice new or used Mustang today at that same age.

17th Dec 2016, 05:12

Twenty-somethings still know these primarily as cop cars and taxis; it's not a flattering association.

17th Dec 2016, 11:01

It's amazing how many of these are in Florida at retirement communities. The ultimate snowbird sedan. I see them everywhere. They are nice for spending winters and plenty of trunk room. Just repack in the spring and head north.