9th May 2009, 08:42

Original Poster here: Thanks for commenting on my review 23:26! I'm aware that this (excessive ABS noise) isn't a major issue and doesn't engage during normal daily driving. There is nothing wrong with the vehicle, I just wanted to point out that if you live in snow-belt states and the ABS comes on fairly regularly, that the noise and vibration are more intrusive than any other vehicle I've driven, including my previous 1999 Ford Contour. If you test the ABS on the Fusion/Milan and a 2006 or newer Toyota RAV4 back-to-back, you'll find the Toyota's pedal doesn't pulse (or if it does, it's very hard to tell) and there's little in the way of mechanical ABS noise. And yes, I'm still loving the Milan!

14th May 2009, 14:58

Thanks for your thorough review! I appreciate your attention to the details!

16th May 2009, 20:09

"As for cargo, the trunk has non-intrusive strut hinges"

Every time I open my trunk I can't help but look at those and be amazed at what an elegant, compact design they came up with, and at how simply they got the trunk to open up past vertical so you can drop in big boxes.

2nd Jul 2009, 08:52

Wow... terrific review. I hope you're going to school for Automotive Engineering!

4th Aug 2009, 05:41

I too have found the Mercury Milan Premier to be an excellent car. I got my first one used in 2006 and it was lost to storm damage in 2008, so now I have a brand new 2008 Milan Premier I-4. The 2008 is even better. It has a key pad entry system built into the door and some other neat things that the 2006 didn't have.

Looking at the new 2010 Hybrid Mercury Milan and Ford Fusion, I am hoping that another flood comes real soon, not that I don't like my 2008, but the new 2010's are even more awesome.

To the original creator of this review, you need to send a copy of this to Motor Trend or some of the big automotive publications, as you have an ability to write that is very uncommon.

Make something of it.

Make something of it. Keep up the good work.

7th May 2010, 12:58

I also own a 2006 Mercury Milian, and mine is a V6 and is considered a Mercury Milian Premier. I absolutely love my car. I just bought the 2006 in August of 09 and I can say that it hasn't given me any problems at all. I travel a lot, and I can honestly say that I receive great gas mileage. It is beautiful inside and out and is just what I need.

30th Jul 2010, 15:05

I'm considering purchasing a 2009 Mercury Milan Premier V6 and was wondering if anyone knew what the longevity of these cars is?

4th Aug 2010, 08:56

They last at least one year. Time will tell if they can go any longer. ;-)

Get Consumer Reports and look how the '06 and '07 are doing.

4th Aug 2010, 18:14

Reliability is rated higher than Accord and MUCH higher than the now-disgraced Camry. I doubt that anyone has owned a Fusion, Milan or MKZ (all are identical) long enough yet to KNOW how long they last. One of my family's last Ford vehicles lasted over 300,000 miles with under $500 in total repair costs, and my friend is selling a Ford with 352,000 miles on it because he is afraid he might START having problems with it. That ought to give you a good idea. We currently own a 2006 Fusion and it has never yet had ANY HINT of a problem. It's the best-built, most solid car we've ever owned (including Mercedes E-class and 5-series BMW).

26th Aug 2010, 13:52

I am an owner of a 2006 V6 Premier Milan. The only problem I have had is that for some unknown reason my gauges when driving or park all of a sudden goes down to zero (temp gauges, Speed, OD. Trac gauges) then you see the check system diagnostic light come on. I did a diagnostic test, and the on-board test as well, and it read okay. Could not find any issues. Does anyone have a answer as to what is happening?

26th Aug 2010, 16:02

"I got my 2006 Milan Premier for $11,388, which includes tax and dealer fees. No other car on my list came close to this with all of the features in a car I was after."

Yeah, because all of the other cars on your list outside of the Focus held their value, while the Ford (Mercury) dropped like a rock. The only way to buy anything domestic is second hand at a couple of years old. You'll get a 60% discount!

26th Aug 2010, 19:06

We paid $1190 more for our used Fusion than for a comparable Accord, and $800 more than a comparable Camry. It is well worth it. Our Honda never even made 100,000 miles, and with Toyota currently ranked 21st out of 33 car makers in build quality, I wasn't about to take a chance on one of those.

The Fusion/Milan has been rated higher in reliability than Camry and Accord for 5 years, and their resale values are some of the highest for a mid-sized sedan and rising each month, while Toyota plummets with each daily news item about their on-going recalls (now well over 10,000,000).

21st Dec 2010, 08:07

Great review on a great car. To the person commenting on the gauges, I was experiencing the same thing with my '06 v6 Fusion. Found out the plug into the alternator was shifting out of place, we cleaned it and lined it with a little 'gorilla snot' and it's very tightly in place now, never a problem since.