10th Jan 2009, 22:27

Trading an 05 Subaru Outback for this AWD Montego was a great move. It is very good on ice, packed or loose snow.

The comfort level in ride and seats and all extra room and features is a very nice step up from the Subaru. Wish it had warranty of at least drive train on though. The Subaru still had several months left when traded off.

Happy with the gas mileage, 25-28 most the time, less with wife driving around town! That's comparable with our Subaru, Some people claimed 30, the Subaru only got 30 once with tail wind and no AC, or defrost.

I'd buy another Montego, but the 2ND car, a Dodge Grand Caravan has to much life in it and really like it, also an AWD. The Dodge is not near as good on slick roads as the Sub or Merc.

4th Oct 2009, 20:25

We have had the Montego AWD on a 3000 mile trip. Used the A/C and pulling a single axle flatbed cycle trailer. Gas mileage on the dash read 23.4 miles per gallon, buy the cheapest gas the pump has. The last 200 miles dropped to 22.8 MPG against a very strong wind, and the large box and weight of 1300# total weight of trailer. The mileage on the dash is within 1/10th of using calculator.

I'm so glad that we traded off the Subaru for comfort alone. The gas mileage can easily be 25 without trailer or running at fast freeway speeds. The new dash cluster cost us $492.11, at a small town dealership in Dakota. That is a downfall to this car, after web search, seems like a common problem. But extended insurance was still to costly. Oh well.

This car is great, will be looking for another low mileage one when my AWD Dodge Caravan reaches 200K miles. I'm sure someone can find faults with this car, but I'm truly impressed.

I also do own oil changes, and find it very easy to do without raising car.

The speedometer reads 70, when the GPS shows 68, so gas mileage will be slightly off. But that is common with all vehicles, especially if one buys tires of smaller size. Another car of ours is 3% faster than the mile markers on side of road.

Coming from a Chevyholic, I am finding this to be a very fine Mercury car. Thanks to all who comment on vehicles, cause I direct friends to this site when they are in the market for used transportation.