2006 Mercury Monterey 4.2L petrol from Saudi Arabia


Comfortable, reliable and safe family transporter



Only wish that the factory had installed:

1. Better quality shocks all around; allowing for a more controlled ride.

2. Xenon headlamps & fog lights.

3. A DVD player & screen for rear passengers & a MP3 capable radio.

I know most of this stuff can be purchased and installed after-market!

General Comments:

Very comfortable mini-van for four adults and up-to 3 children (who can use the 3rd row seat).

The 3rd row is definitely not for adults - especially someone with long legs.

The engine allows for very brisk acceleration from traffic lights - I've often smoked performance cars. It's a bit strange for other drivers to see a mini-van take off this fast.

This weight of this vehicle is its Achilles' Heel - at high speeds the brakes can let you down - so it is important to watch your distance with vehicles in front and also keep a sharp eye for anything crossing your path.

One of the reasons for owning this car is because it only costs SAR.40 (approx USD 10.00) to fill its 100 liter tank. A huge benefit of living in Saudi Arabia.

Air-conditioning unit is EXCELLENT. It takes less than 20 minutes to cool the entire interior to a bearable level. This is after leaving it parked in a parking lot for 8 hours where the sun bakes it in temperatures ranging from 40 to 48 degrees Centigrade while relative humidity hovers at 70%. Quite normal for Jeddah during JUL & AUG. I have not put any heat-reflective film on the side & rear windows as yet but that wil further improve the effectiveness of the A/C.

It does the daily commute (50 KM) and an occasional round trip to Makkah (200 KM) and Madinah (800 KM).

Long drives are especially comfortable. On my previous Kia Carnival I had to regularly stop and do some stretches to relax my back. Not so on this one; the seats are really good.

The electric cooling fan (located in the engine bay) for the A/C unit is very loud - however the sound insulation is so good that the only time you really hear it is when the windows are down.

Automatic doors and tailgate are a great feature. You learn to appreciate it when you have to sling a sleeping kid over one shoulder and hold a shopping bag in the other hand.

Adjustable pedals and electric drivers seat offer me just the right driving position (I stand at 5'5").

Last year when I bought the Monterey, I had my heart set on a Honda Odyssey but just couldn't justify paying SAR.40K (approx USD.11K) more. Plus the Honda dealer is notorious for slow service and excessive service charges (even during the warranty period). The Mercury dealer has more than one service outlet in Jeddah and their service staff are more sympathetic towards their customers.

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Review Date: 19th August, 2008

5th Dec 2008, 22:59

An accurate review. My wife loves our 2005 Mercury Monterrey and it has generally been reliable.

1955 Mercury Monterey 351 V8 from North America


An aged old lady that still gits!


Needed new carburetor, alternator, radiator, ignition, water pump, steering column, shocks, and brakes.

General Comments:

This has been a great old car so far. I use it as a daily driver and it is actually pretty reliable. Seeing that it is over 50 years old, it has some issues, like loose steering connecting rods, brakes that take loner to stop it, and the handling is very pillowy and non-responsive.

The car is unwieldy on the freeway and tends to be extremely loud inside, which again - I accept since it is due to the angular design of the body and grille, which whistle loudly.

Otherwise, a fun, comfortable, gigantic car that is a true original survivor.

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Review Date: 11th January, 2007

15th Aug 2011, 15:00

Original poster here. Almost 5 years later I still own the car. In that time, not a whole lot has gone wrong with the car. The biggest issue was recently. The freeze plugs under the engine were badly rusted and one was leaking. I spent probably a good 2-3 hours replacing them. The car is extremely easy to work on, and doing even complicated things requires few special tools or skill. A lot of the original suspension parts like the bushings and some of the pivot joints have some serious wear, and the steering has a lot of play - which isn't unusual given its age. The fuel gauge stopped working a year ago, but that isn't a big deal. I'll get around to fixing it someday.

The car also likes to eat voltage regulators too. It uses the old-fashioned firewall mounted boxes, and about every year or 2, it blows another one. They're cheap, so I just replace them. The all-drum brakes are also really inadequate. It feels like trying to stop a freight train, and it's important to pay attention to how far you need in order to stop. That, and the car is so heavy it absolutely lunges into the corners. That said - these were never meant to be great handling cars anyway. Just big boats to haul people.

I recently took the car on a road trip in 100+ degree weather. The engine ran at a cool 170 degrees the whole time. On the freeway, the car does great and sort of has that old-school "floaty" ride. Just a sort of lumbering loll as you go down the freeway.

What's great is that this is far from being a cherry car. There are rust spots, dents, and imperfections. It doesn't have a garage. It's also a 4 door - which in the car collector world means it's instantly worth hardly anything. Nevertheless, people love it and are always giving me the thumbs-up sign. I've had it for 10 years now, so I hardly even think of it in that way anymore.

I wish they made cars like this today with all the modern safety gear. Getting in a wreck in this car would be like eggs being dropped off the top of a building in a shoe box: The interior is all metal. So I am always very careful when I drive it.

Anyway, it's been a great car so far, and I've thought of selling it a few times, but don't have the heart, because she's my good ole' girl.

10th Apr 2013, 09:07

These are awesome cars that can run forever if taken care of. Like most 1950s cars, they have some minor design flaws that will sometimes creep up on you, like the voltage regulators. However, those engines and transmissions will run like bears.