10th Jan 2002, 00:27

My 97 V-8 was bought new. I tow a 5000 pound boat from northern IN to southern FL yearly. Strong V-8 for the size. Firestone AT tires perform fine as I balance and rotate them regulary. Also I have the right air pressure in them and I have absolutely no problems. At 72000 miles I just replaced them with a new set. They wore evenly and perform like no other in the snow. Besides a few minor warrantly problems - air conditioner switch and dash bulbs - This Mountaineer, a 1997 model continues to perform well. I ordered the JBL sound system and have never heard such a clean sound in any other factory radio. No distortion.

1st Apr 2003, 18:02

I have a 1998 Mountaineer 5.0 V8. I absolutely love it. I bought it with 40k and it has about 47k now. I've noticed that sometimes it's a bit sluggish off the bank. But other times like today, it feels like I could take on a Viper. So the general torque from 0 mph fluctuates. But once the rpm's add up and it shifts to 2nd, there's close to full torque and it always hold true in the 2-3,000 rpm range. It's a very smooth SUV overall. I've had no problems with the auto transmission or loss of traction with my AWD model. The Michelin LTX/MS tires are amazing. Overall, the V8 gets the job done. I love the sound system. I think it's a Mach and it is crystal clear. There are so many features I probably don't even know about yet. There hasn't been one feature I wish I had in the truck so far. I'm satisfied with the overall performance and versatility of my baby. :}

2nd Jun 2003, 17:03

I own a 98 Mountaineer 5.0L V8 and am very disapointed. I have taken very good care of it and it has done nothing but nickle and dime me to death. I bought used with 32K miles. At 48K I had to replace the transmission. 1 month later the EGR Valve/Solenoid. The next month, my AC compressor, Dryer, and manifold. I am not hard on brakes at all, yet I am having to replace brakes on it every 4 months or so. This is by far the worst SUV I have ever owned. Additionally, my stereo's face plate lights cut in an out, the antenna chooses to work when it wants to, the back window wiper arm only wipes 1/4 of the window - and not the portion I need to see out of, and the back hatch has to be slammed shut to get it to engage and turn off the dome light. Good luck to the rest of my fellow Mountaineer owners.

13th Aug 2003, 20:23

I bought my '98 Merc Mount in May '01, off-lease. It had 21k then and now I'm up to 47K. Beyond the recalled parts (tires, hood latch etc), I've been doing well with the car. I did have to replace the plug wires this past spring, but ever since it runs like a dream. I love the power and it is real nice to look at. The cargo space works overtime and I always have room for more. I wouldn't give it up--ever, unless I were to get a newer model.

17th Nov 2004, 14:07

I recently bought a 1998 mercury mountaineer with 45k on the clock... It's a 5.0L AWD. I LOVE THIS TRUCK!!! It has power, handles well, and I am not worried about my wife driving it... The previous owner had a lot of issues with it, runs bad bad this bad that. bad gas mileage etc... well, I went through the truck, I guess it would run bad if you put junk, not correct spark plugs and wires in it, changed those ran like a dream... the radio has the common CD stuck in it, found out the ribbon cable was corroded, cleaned it up, works great now.. I drive lots of long trips and the gas mileage is not too bad, I get around 23 -26 highway as long as I drive like a human and at the speed limits.. Hope everyone likes their truck as much as I do..

31st Dec 2005, 22:39

It's a rebadged explorer with crappier parts. What do you expect?

10th Aug 2006, 11:36

I have owned my 1998 Mountaineer since December of 1997. Regarding comments on tires. I have a rule to change out tires every 50,000 miles. The Mountaineer is on its thrd set of tires and is approaching 150,000 miles and has only had one mechanical shop visit since I've had the car. It is the 4.0 six with the five speed automatic and has consistently given me 22-24 MPG on the road and 18-20 in town.

I am very surprised at all the negative comments. My previous was a 1992 Ford Explorer which was as reliable as the Mountaineer. Only one complaint it was a lttle under powered.

My next new SUV will be a Mountaineer.

15th Aug 2006, 18:15

Hello everyone - I'm another disappointed Mercury Mountaineer owner! I purchased a 1998 Mercury Mountaineer in 1999. Like all new car owners I was happy to have a brand new car; after 6 months I noticed the motor would lose power! Within a year the CHECK Engine light would appear. Well I've owned the car for almost 9 years and I still have the check engine light on. I've been everywhere and they can't find an answser/solution to why the Engine light shows up in my car! Can anyone help me?

28th Sep 2006, 03:47

I have a 98 Mountaineer V8 AWD. It has been a great and very reliable SUV. Now at 227k miles and still towing 5k pound 25' boat! I've been getting 50k plus out of my tires. Engine still purrs and only change oil and filter every 10k with Mobil 1 Synthetic. I have found it to be a little hard on brakes over the years, but when you tow as much as I do it is to be expected. I would highly recommend this vehicle to anybody.

28th Sep 2006, 13:17

Even if you are using synthetic oil, I'm pretty sure you are still supposed to change your oil every 3500 to 5000 miles.

12th Oct 2006, 19:38

I have been a Ford customer since 1970 when I bought my first new car, Torino. I have owned 8 other Ford/Mercury vehicle. I now own a 1998 Mountaineer. As I have read from previous customers, many have had the same problem as me. The radio lights seem to have a mind of their own. On and off constantly. When I took it in to find out the problem, I was told they had many problems with the radios in the Explorer/Mountaineer. Why didn't Ford do something about it? It is annoying when driving in the evening with the lights on. Also, lights in steering wheel for cruise controls. Constantly a problem. Again, Ford you need to take the responsibility of replacing or at least offer an affordable replacement.

Thank you. Paul E. Tjaden.

3rd Dec 2006, 08:13

I purchased my 1998 Mountaineer in April '06. I absolutely LOVE this truck! It had 138000 miles on it then, and has 165000 now (Dec 06). I have taken 3 long road trips with it and drive it daily. All I have done to the truck is change the oil and wash it. It runs great at all speeds--I have the 5.0 v-8, 2wd. This vehicle has great acceleration for passing or merging onto the highway. It rides really nice and is very comfortable. Gas mileage is what you would expect from a large engine, 16 mpg city and 22 mpg highway.

Everything works except for a light burnt out behind the gas gauge. I have had one minor problem with the alarm system. It sometimes goes off when I open the passenger door or tailgate after unlocking with the key. The stereo works great. When I purchased the vehicle the brakes were squealing and the AC/heat control was not functioning. The dealership fixed both problems.

I have read the negative reviews on this vehicle, but have no complaints of my own. I believe the truck I have was well maintained by the previous owner. I would definitely recommend this vehicle to anyone, but obviously look at the condition of it before you buy. Any vehicle that has been abused or poorly maintained will have problems.