6th Feb 2007, 12:44

I just got my 98 Mercury Mountaineer 2 weeks ago. I love it, but many of the problems everyone else has, I have encountered as well. The lights on the stereo face come in and out (I tap it a few times and they come back, I'm guessing it's a short). I think I've already blown the two trunk speakers that I'm going to have to fix. Every time I hit a bump or go up into a parking lot, I hear a squeal or a thump from my front end, which may be the ball joints. Thank God for warranties. I just wish my dealer would stop avoiding me. Oh and the check engine light comes and goes as it pleases. Gotta love electrical problems.

15th Oct 2007, 19:20

Have owned the 98 5.0 AWD Mountaineer since 2000 and currently have about 138K on it after several cross-country trips over the years. Overall, not a bad vehicle with few major problems. Mainly the early tire issues and brake replacement that occurs more often than my other vehicles. Love the power and sound system like some of the other owners on this site. Plan to keep driving it until it falls apart.

Found this site as I look for parts / solutions to fix what appear to be some common problems for this vehicle: 1) driver's seat recline lever broke off in 2005, 2) antenna quit going up and down in 2004, 3) radio display went dark in 2004 and surprises me with an appearance a couple of times a year (when I hurriedly reset all my station presets!), 4) rearview mirror headlight shutoff delay switch has not turned off since 2005, 5) trunk / decklid has not unlocked / locked with the remote keyless entry system since 2006, 6) and the High Series Center Console rear air blower clicks every so often and now needs a replacement armrest/console compartment cover as it has finally split open.

Good Luck to the other owners.

2nd Jul 2008, 17:43

My Dad handed me down his 98' Mountaineer in 2004. It had about 88,000 miles on it and has run great since I've had it, but I am experiencing a lot of the little things listed above.

Lights out in the stereo, antenna doesn't work, the rear hatch doesn't unlock from the keyless remote and the hood release often sticks.

Mostly things that aren't worth the money to get fixed, but are rather annoying in certain situations, like trying to go through a car wash, but I can't because the antenna won't go down and will get ripped off, or having to turn the car off to take the keys out to open the back when I'm in a hurry.

21st Nov 2008, 23:06

I've owned a'98 Mountaineer since 2000, bought it with 50k and have 143K now, and had most of the problems mentioned except my hatch works fine.

The problem with the rear wiper motor is probably the ground, I just fastened a wire with crimp on eyelets to the hatch and body with self tapping screws.

Although there's a fix for the radio, on the Internet, I found an exact replacement (mine is a Mach system) for $100 on E-bay and installed it myself.

I replaced the antenna mast, but a piece of the geared plastic was still in the motor so it doesn't go all the way down. Someday I'll figure out how to get to the motor, I suspect the inside right kick panel has to come off. The manual I bought at Advanced Auto didn't show how to remove the antenna motor, so I took the book back for a refund.

I added a nice set of Bushwhacker fender flares. I ordered them for an Explorer and cut my door trim to fit, left them matt black, goes great with two toned green.

Installed an Air Hog air filter (like a K&N) sectioned the airbox for max air intake.

The 5.0 runs strong, and the AWD is excellent in the Upstate New York weather.

Lumbar in drivers seat doesn't hold air, another project when I feel like taking the time.

29th Mar 2009, 11:06

I have a 98 Mountaineer, 4x4 5.0 about 138k miles. I am having a problem with the idling. It idles above 2k rpms and it won't idle down. At a traffic stop I need to put it in neutral so I don't jump. The check engine light came on for a little while and now it's off. Has anyone else had this problem? If so how did you fix it?

7th Apr 2009, 07:32

It could possibly be the Mass Air Flow control giving a false signal to the computer.. these are easy to swap out, it takes about 10 minutes tops (it is on the top of the engine) but the rebuilt ones are somewhat unreliable...

12th May 2009, 15:42

I bought my '98 V8 in April of '03 with 78k miles on it. Since then I have driven across country 5 times and all over Canada. I now have 185k on it. I am on my second set of tires in over 100k miles and I've had to replace a battery, an alternator and the brakes twice. Not bad for over 100k miles in 6 years. I have put this SUV through every kind of abuse you can think of off road and on road. The only thing that doesn't work any more is the auto antenna. Most people who have problems with tires and breaks just don't know the proper way to drive.

11th Sep 2011, 13:31

HI, my understanding is that in the olden days, like pre-1990, oils were not as good as today and had to be changed more often. From 1984 to today, I have been changing oil at 7,500 miles and engines have kept compression, no excessive wear and generally, I think the higher mileage change criteria is the way to go. My last 4 new cars all recommended 7,500 except for my Prius that is on a 5,000 mile schedule.

Peace. Bobsomm.