25th May 2006, 11:18

We have owned our 02 Mountaineer for 4 yrs. The transmission has been slipping since the beginning and every dealer has said reprogramming it will fix it. Now 4 yrs later and a third dealership, we have moved twice while owning it, the vehicle needs a new transmission. We also have replaced ball bearings.

We previously owned a Windstar and went through 2 blown head gaskets and a transmission, only one head gasket covered under recall. Now with the transmission issue with the Mountaineer we have just about had it with Ford/Mercury vehicles. We also own a couple of foreign cars and haven't had any problems.

31st May 2006, 11:55

Just wanted to comment on my 2002 Mountaineer's transmission failing at only 31,000 miles! Since it's out of the 3 year warranty, it's costing us over $3000 for an entire transmission replacement. I will never buy Ford again!

2nd Jun 2006, 18:24

I have owned a 2002 Mercury Mountaineer and front the second year of ownership I have had nothing, but problems with the tranny. The dealer could never find the problem. Seat problems, bad window motor, a/c problem, wheel bearing issues and now brake problems... which I just paid over $400 dollars and still having the same issue! Please stay away from this junk!

11th Jun 2006, 21:31

I have owned my 2002 Mercury Mountaineer since November 2004, it had 48,000 miles on it. I began having the shudders in the transmission not too long after I got it. I took it to the Mercury dealer and they "reprogrammed" the transmission at the cost of over $100, which did nothing for the problem. Anyway after other people checking it out we finally decided to change the fluid in the transfer case. We replaced it with Mercon 5 synthetic fluid. This did fix the shuddering problem. The vehicle now has 62,000 miles on it.

11th Jul 2006, 16:11

I own a Mercury Mountaineer 2002. This is the text of a letter I sent to Mercury, minus the name of the dealer and dealer rep.

In October 2005, my SUV required a new transmission at 44,483 miles, after being out of warranty, costing $3400. I had voiced concerns about the rough nature of the gear shifting and slipping while it was under warranty, but was told it was "normal." After paying for the repair, I inquired about contacting Mercury about a partial refund, as it is unusual to need a new transmission at 44000 miles. Rather than tell me to talk to the dealer's service manager, I was given the 800 toll free number, and the operator said there was nothing she could do. After making some Internet inquiries, I was ultimately routed back to the dealer's service manager. This all took more than several weeks. He talked with Mercury and refunded $1000., which I finally received in December 2005. I suspect the transmission was failing prior to being out of warranty, and repair was purposely delayed till after warranty expired.

Next problem- The rear differential required work at 51640 miles, requiring a new bearing and seal kit- which I took to a private transmission repair shop- and cost $695.

Thus I've spent $3000 in repairs on equipment that prematurely and inappropriately failed. I've emailed Mercury, asking them to reimburse me 50% of the total cost- a total of $1500. (I understand they are unlikely to do this.)

Prior to the Mountaineer, I owned a Ford Explorer. Rest assured I will never buy another Ford or Mercury product, nor will I encourage anyone else to do so.

17th Jul 2006, 18:45

Transmission Shudder:

I own a 2002 AWD Mountaineer w/76,000 miles. Up until this past month I have been thrilled with the vehicle. Unfortunately, the vehicle is experiencing the dreadful shudder. I had the Trans fluid replaced once and now power purged and replaced w/Mercon V. To no avail the shudder returns when driving for 30 minutes or more. I was preparing to trade in my other car to buy a Fusion, but now must delay this purchase because of the transmission issue. Is it possible that the shudder is not a transmission issue, but a throttle sensor, or something else?

14th Aug 2006, 18:33

I purchased my 2002 V8 AWD Mountaineer in May 2003 with only 29,000 miles on it. Thank God I also purchased the extended warranty. I have had JUNK cars that required less repairs than this vehicle. Here is a list of repairs I have needed along with the PM since purchasing this SUV.

6/3/03 - ABS light staying on. ABS Sensor and EGR Pressure sensor needed to be replaced. Also needed new battery for the key fob. Warranty did cover this.

9/4/03 - Had the 30,000 mile PM done thinking if I kept the car maintained based on the dealers recommendations I would avoid costly repairs down the road. Unfortunately that has not been the case.

10/1/03 - Check engine light was on - replaced fuel cap assembly. Covered by warranty.

11/11/03 - Low oil pressure light comes on. Replace oil pressure sending unit. Covered by warranty.

3/11/04 - Compass reading as if I live in the southern hemisphere. Re-calibrated compass. Had complete oil and lube service done and tires rotated.

6/30/04 - ABS light staying on again. Replaced rear ABS sensor again. Had complete transfer case service, front and rear differential service, and complete oil and lube service as recommended by dealer.

11/22/04 - Complete oil and lube service performed. Had a front end wheel alignment because I bought all new tires. Had to replace both rear axle seals because fluid was leaking.

11/30/04 - Driver door will not latch when car is cold. Replaced driver door latch. Covered by extended warranty minus deductible.

3/29/05 - Compass reading southern hemisphere again. Replace compass. Replaced back lift gate hinge-mfg recall. Complete oil and lube service. Replaced heater hose and clamps because it had rubbed on manifold.

8/22/05 - No brakes. Left rear brake hose has rubbed on sway bar link causing it to leak. Replaced hose at caliper and copper washers at caliper connection. Also did a complete brake system flush. While they were repairing the brakes they discovered that both rear coil springs were broken and also my rear shocks and mounting hardware were very rusty and needed to be replaced. This repair cost me $1013 after my extended warranty coverage. Also had a complete oil and lube service done.

8/7/06 - O/D Off light flickering. Check transmission message coming on. ABS light has been on for a couple months. I need all new brakes and rotors and one of my emergency brakes has disintegrated. I did not even sense that the brakes were bad, but was told Ford does not put squealers in to warn you your discs have worn out. Last, but not least I need a new transmission! My extended warranty is covering it, but not the 4 bolts that are rusted which mount the transmission. It will be $218 for labor to get them out and replaced. I have experienced the shudder everyone is talking about from day one, but at the time I mentioned it was told it is normal shifting. I drive this vehicle to and from work (30 hi-way miles RT). We have only pulled our Jayco pop-up tent trailer twice with this vehicle. I have never taken it off road driving. Based on the comments everyone else has about the tranny, I am going to trade this money pit in on a Toyota or Honda. I only hope I can get a decent trade-in as I still owe about $8000 on the car.