12th Oct 2009, 09:22

To the last commentor, it's your tranny! Same situation for us. It was shifting really hard going into 3rd. One month ago it finally gave out. Engine cracked too. So I had it towed to a shop. $5500, a rebuilt engine, tranny and new rear was put in. I get the car back last week, drove it two days, two of the catalytic converters went! Again towed to the same shop, $1000! I got it back Friday, drove it home, as I pulled into my driveway the car got loud, I lost reverse and then eventually forward. Just called my mechanic again, and he said he'd like to throw it off a cliff! I partially blame him for the most recent of events, but I wish I knew the write up on this car before I bought it. It's an 02, I bought in in 05. Just bought my wife an X5 for our anniversary, sold my car and took the Mountaineer from her. Glad it hit the fan with me and not with her and my three kids in the car!

7th Mar 2010, 14:15

Hmm oh boy, I've got an 06 Mountaineer and it's doing all of the above.. it only has 50,000 miles, and until it started doing that embarrassing loud thud noise when shifting from park into reverse, and it also takes about 10 or 15 sec to shift.. I had this truck brand new with just 3 miles driven..


Does anyone have an answer to all of this?

15th Jan 2015, 22:06

I have a 2002 Mercury Mountaineer with the overdrive blinking light and it saying check the transmission. I took it to the shop, and this shop told me you don't need a new trans, you need to change the trans filter. $160, pick it up tomorrow, parts and labor, and it's run fine ever since.