1996 Mercury Mystique LX V6 from North America


Mercury Mistake..


What hasn't gone wrong?

The "Check Engine" light is on every other day. Repairs in the past two months have included a new battery (142,50 CDN, a special make), an oxygen sensor, a cold sensor, and a leaking vacuum hose.

The pricey Mazda engine increases the cost of the repairs.

There is NO backseat room, at all.

General Comments:

This car has great acceleration and handling, however the only place you will be driving to is the mechanic!

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Review Date: 9th April, 2003

1996 Mercury Mystique LS V6 2.5 from North America


Handle like a sport compact car


The interior lights were staying on when the car was start, so light module has been changed.

General Comments:

This car is best handling car (just in front of the Ford Focus) I tried, and I work for a rental car company.

The only point I don't really like about this car is the rough ride, you now when the road is bad and in Quebec (Canada) they are.

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Review Date: 17th April, 2002

14th Nov 2005, 15:06

Handles like what? have you ever driven anything else? you are giving people the wrong impression. A mystique handles like a minivan, on a good day.

1996 Mercury Mystique GS 2.0 16v DOHC from North America


After all the problems, it's an alright car.. goes from point A to point B...


The transmission went at 44,000 miles.

The engine went at 58,500.

Replaced the timing belt and all the recalls. It runs well now and hope it continues.

The car's engine is defective, will need to be replaced. I paid $2,300 for labor only.

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Review Date: 11th January, 2002

1996 Mercury Mystique from North America


Questionable reliability


Complete transmission failure.

General Comments:

This is a relatively new car, which has not been driven particularly hard, at least by me.

I am greatly upset, that the transmission has gone out. Since it is so expensive, I'll probably get rid of the car. I am curious as to if this is a common occurance among Mystiques. It has been common in the past among other Ford/Mercury products.

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Review Date: 31st August, 2000

29th Mar 2001, 07:13

I just took my Mercury Mystique to the dealer and had a transmission check and yes, I too need a new transmission. I have 156,000 miles on my car but the transmission had never acted correctly when I bought it at 24,000 miles but everyone assured me it was nothing. My gut feeling all along with my car was that something was astray with the transmission so even though I have all this mileage, the transmission has always been problematic and I always felt as if the car had no power.

1996 Mercury Mystique GS 2.0 Zetec from North America


A very good, moderately small car


The transmission seems to "hunt" for the right gear sometimes.

General Comments:

Short on rear seat legroom. Handles very well. Rides well. Reliable. Fast for a 4 cylinder car with automatic. Very easy on gas. It could be somewhat quieter.

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Review Date: 19th August, 2000

1996 Mercury Mystique GS 2.0L 16 valve 4 cyl Zetec from North America


Switch/motor assembly for seatback in driver's power seat failed. (I'm a fairly large guy though -- 6'1", 230lbs -- you may not kill it as easily).

Light in driver's side door handle assembly failed.

General Comments:

What I like --

(1) Handling -- nearly flawless. Fun to drive through twists and turns. Nimble, with perfectly assisted steering and almost no body roll when cornering.

(2) Ride -- If you drive tired, you may just nod off -- smooth and quiet.

(3) Value -- You're getting a lot of car for the dollar. Even after loading a GS with options, you can still keep the price at or around $10,000. Try doing that with an Accord or Altima. Similarly equipped versions of those cars were going for $13,000.

(4) Front seats -- very comfortable, and the 12-way power driver's seat is worth it. Adjustable height shoulder harnesses are a bonus too. If you can't manage to find a comfortable position using the power seat and the height adjustment, you're just too picky. (Dual power seats are available too.) Front seats are comfortable for long trips.

(4) Safety features -- Dual-airbags, side-impact beams, anti-submarining seats, adjustable height shoulder harnesses, (ABS option). This model fared extremely well in US Dept. of Trans. crash testing -- five star rating on front impact test.

What I don't like --

Not much bad to say about it, but there are a couple details.

(1) The 4 cyl. engine -- if you can find one, buy the 6 cyl. version. As 4 cyl. engines go, this IS a good one. It's perfect for my commutes and is great on the occasional longer trip. The 6 cyl. Duratec is a champ though, and if you spend lots of time on the highway, you'll fall in love with it. You can thank me later.

(2) Now I'm left to pick on details -- like I said, there aren't many bad things to say about the Mystique -- the cupholders and the factory radio are my two remaining issues. The cupholders are too small and the radio is too difficult to operate (radio buttons are too similar to one another).

One word of caution -- I don't have children, so back seat space is not a huge concern for me. However, for those who do have children, the Mystique is a fine choice for early on, but the back seats in pre-98 Mystiques will only accommodate adults up to about 5'7" or 5'8" with any comfort. I (6'1", 230 lbs.) can fit back there for awhile, but I wouldn't make it on long trips (2+ hours). Models '98 and later have 2" additional legroom.

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Review Date: 10th February, 2000

4th Mar 2006, 20:26

I have had my 1995 mercury Mystique for a while now. It has 320,000km. Barely any problems other than water pump and head gasket when I first bought the car. Its been repaired and it never leaves me stranded. The only problem with it now, since the first day, is the starting when the engine is already warm. It chokes itself out. Though, just lightly push the throttle down and it starts. I get approx. 900km to each tank of fuel. Great car.