2000 Mercury Mystique GS 2.0 4 Cylinder from North America


Mechanical condition is crap


Replaced timing belt at 77,362 miles.

Oil dip stick plastic handle broke off; had to have dealership repair at 113,891 miles.

Had RMGF drive shafts installed at 92,291 miles.

Replaced vacuum. Hose was causing RPM's to fluctuate.

Resurfaced brake rotor and replaced brake pads.

Replaced speed sensor.

Replaced ring sensor.

Replaced serpentine belt at 125,554 miles.

Replaced alternator and belt tensioner.

Replaced MAF air sensor.

Car was sputtering; replaced PCV tube.

Had transmission serviced; replaced filter and fluid.

If car stalls, check and replace pre-filter in the air filter housing and air filter.

Replaced rear brake drums and hardware.

Replaced cooling fan resistor assembly, car was overheating; done at 156,955 miles.

Replace timing belt again.

Dealership performed extensive diagnoses and gave me a list of 12 items that were their concern with a price tag of 2,500 dollars. I found that my problems was electrical and due to a bad connector, which I repaired my self.

Had head gasket replaced and tune-up the car.

Replaced the dip stick for a second time due to plastic handle breaking.

Replaced engine thermostat due to engine running unusually cool.

Had dealership repair the (VCT) variable cam timing control system that enhance engine performance. Recommend that only the dealership do the work because the technology is not widely known. Cost me 1,383.00 to have done. Note. use oil filter FL-2005 because this filter has an internal check valve that keeps the exhaust valves closed when the engine is off. This will prevent any hard start, over fueling or flooding conditions on initial start up.

Had Dealership repair fuel system found that the fuel pump had shorted out so the fuel pump, sending unit, fuel filter, and controls had to be replaced to the tune of 739.41.

Car started running running rough; did a tune up replaced PCV valve, spark plugs, and wires; still ran rough, did a tune up, replaced PCV valve, spark plugs, and wires; still ran rough, found the ECH Ignition coil was bad. Purchase at NAPA for 91.29.

October 2007; car overheated, found that Water Outlet valve cover that the upper radiator hose goes over nipple deteriorated the hose, replaced the entire housing and cover. Had a hard time finding the proper cover because the cover for my housing is what is used on the Mercury Marquis.

Just recently found that catalytic converter is bad and will have MIDAS make the repairs to the tune of 728.00 dollars, and will have it done mid October.

Today (Oct-14-07) I was changing the oil after replacing water valve and saw that a control arm was dangling, from the rack and pinion arm on the passenger side.

The dash board curling up was a recall issue that Ford issued, but so many people were getting their cars repaired and it was my only mode of transportation, so I could not leave the car at the dealership for repairs, and I missed out on the repair. The recall had a time limit, which I feel is crazy if you own the vehicle and your dash board curls up. Fix it right Ford.

Paul E. Sloss

Nashville, TN.

General Comments:

When the car is operating in good mechanical condition, it rides very well. The 4 cylinder engine has great power and is very responsive to the driver.

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Review Date: 14th October, 2007

15th Oct 2007, 07:49

Being from Australia, my knowledge of Mercury cars is limited (higher-spec Fords, aren't they?) but from what I can tell, most of the stuff you've listed here looks like fair wear & tear/general maintenance, and shouldn't be listed as things that have gone wrong (as you've still managed to put considerable mileage on it).

2000 Mercury Mystique GS Sport Zetec 2.0L 4 cylinder from North America


Good, reliable, comfortable transportation


No problems since I've owned it.

General Comments:

I received this car as a gift from my grandparents. At first I wasn't crazy about it, since I was looking for something a little more compact and sportier, but I've really grown to appreciate it for its comfort and reliability.

The seats are very soft and are quite comfortable, even on long drives. They are a weird pinstriped gold color, but to me that's not a big deal. The dashboard and controls are all laid out logically. Everything is where you would expect it. My only complaint is the fake wood panelling on the dash, but again, the aesthetics aren't my biggest concern.

Luckily I don't have kids, because the back seats are totally inadequate. I wouldn't want to sit in them for more than a few minutes. There's maybe 6-8 inches of legroom. Doesn't bother me though, just pisses off the passengers. The trunk, as with most Fords, is spacious. I can store tons of useless junk in there with no problem, and believe me, I do.

The stock tires and wheels are nice. The model I have came with 15" alloy wheels that are fairly light and look good. My paint has held up and it still looks like new after 5 years. There is no rust anywhere on the car.

The little Zetec engine is good, but this is no racecar. It's decently quick, but it has its limitations. I think part of the problem is the automatic transmission, which shifts slowly during acceleration. Sometimes, it won't shift at all until the engine revs up to 5-6000 rpms. I often have to let off the gas for a second to make it shift. It's not that the transmission is slipping, it's just that the computer doesn't tell it to shift at the right time. It's annoying, but it doesn't happen much, and when it does, it's not a big deal.

Suspension and handling is great, I often make turns hard and fast and the car responds well. It grips the road well and doesn't lean when cornering.

I do all my own car repairs and maintainance and this car is about average in difficulty. Routine stuff should be no problem at all, though the location of the oil filter above the exhaust pipe makes oil changes difficult, since oil drips down onto the pipe. Again, not a big deal.

Overall I am very happy with this car, and I plan to keep it for a while. Mechanically, it's excellent, and my only complaints are minor details. Ford discontinued the Contour/Mystique series, but if you're looking for a solid used car, check out the Mystique.

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Review Date: 20th February, 2005

13th Jan 2006, 03:33

I have a 2000 Contour, same as yours, 4 cylinder, automatic, with more than 150,000 miles, and it's great, no problems with the transmission or engine. and I got it brand new from the dealer. Boy you have a great car. Keep it forever. They will run forever.

3rd Jan 2008, 10:41

"I often have to let off the gas for a second to make it shift. It's not that the transmission is slipping, it's just that the computer doesn't tell it to shift at the right time."

I agree. This engine has variable valve timing and therefore can rev very high. The transmission must shift late for you to use the upper revs. If you like to drive smoothly rather than sporty I suggest to barely touch the pedal and don't push any more. You can also accelerate semi-hard and then slowly reduce the throttle to let it shift. It's like Janus, one car with two faces.