15th Oct 2007, 11:12

Being from Australia you obviously never owned one of these junk mobiles Ford Contour/Mercury Mystique. These cars are knows to fail and are infamous for their subpar transmissions and water pumps that go out ever 5 months. Please research this site for Ford Contours and you will see what I mean. I made the mistake of owning one and never again will I buy from FORD.

17th Oct 2007, 15:04

To the bloke from Australia: yes, indeed, the Mercury Mystique is the same as the Ford Contour or the Ford Mondeo. It matters where they were built though. The European Mondeos seem to do better than the Mexican built Contour/ Mystique models.

To the reviewer: If you do that many miles you might get away at a lower expense buying a used Crown Victoria/Grand Marquis instead of the compact Mystique. The fuel expense may be higher, but the repair expense should be much lower.

5th Feb 2008, 10:15

I own a 2000 Mercury Mystique GS.

I have had some similar problems, the dashboard curling up, the timing belt going out, all that stuff.

But the car also does have 105,000 miles on it.

Overall this car has been great to me, it handles really well and for a 4 cylinder it has amazing pickup.

Overall, I love my car, it all depends on how it was maintained I guess.

17th Jul 2008, 08:23

I bought my 2000 Mystique in June 2006, it had 66,000 miles on it. All went well until June of this year. I put on one timing belt (had only put on 14,000 miles in 2 years). Went back a week later and told the mechanic it didn't sound right. He listened to it, said it was a motor mount or the catalytic converter and said I may have to live with the noise for the rest of the car ownership; guaranteed me it was mechanically sound. Drove 170 miles and it started to surge. Limped home 35 miles with the service engine light on. Mechanic diagnosed and put in a camshaft sensor. Drove 75 miles and it surged again. Had it towed at a cost of $280. Mechanic said the instructions for the first timing belt did not incorporate a certain pulley; put on another. Now the tachometer is erratic, it looks like the engine is running hard at the time of the transmission moving into a higher gear, and the tach needle falls when that happens. I'm a single 54 year-old woman with limited income. I still owe $2500 on this car and am just sick. My family is 100 miles away (200 miles round trip) and now I have to borrow a car. I need to pay it off and get rid of this headache. This just makes me sick!!

7th Nov 2008, 02:28

I have wanted to post a comment for some time, letting everyone know there are Mystiques out there which are almost maintenance free (thus far). Mine! It's a 1996.

OK, some weird stuff, like all the rear lenses filling with water like mini fish tanks. Lovely - I open the trunk and the escaping water is aimed to splash inside the trunk.

An overdrive light which goes on for no apparent reason. I feel no difference at high speeds. The RPMs stay the same, while it flashes in my eyes.

The cup holder, should I mention? Flimsier than my Chinese Food take out container. Same with the air vent direction fins, a switch or two is out.

The headlights are pretty lame. They need upgrading to halogen.

But overall I get a great nimble ride, high gas mileage, good pickup, responsive transmission, if you know how to work with it, and comfort.

The transmission is finicky, and it's best to let off just as you anticipate the next shift.

The Zetec is a good motor. I occasionally flush the fluids, and change the oil every 3000 miles.

Great car! I bought it at 93,000 miles, and it's about 140,000 now. The only work was a timing belt, which broke in a very inconvenient place, since had never been changed. At that moment I thought what I mistake driving this thing!! But after the replacement, and I tenuously started driving again, I quickly came to love my Mercury again. I wish everyone luck.

2nd Sep 2009, 11:02

I just purchased a 1998 Mercury Mystique sport with 112k. It was running low on power (on hills) and took it in to get it checked out. A catalytic converter was replaced and a tune up was done. This solved the problem. The mechanic said that lack of maintenance was the cause of the problem. It had never had a tuneup! Anyone have any other suggestions as to why the cat would have to be replaced after only 2 years?