28th Feb 2002, 17:44

I have a 1995 Mercury Mystique GS as well... I have had no problems, and I only have one cup holder in my car, do not know where you have a 2nd one??? My car is great, no problem with trunk leaking, thermostat, etc... And batteries for it only cost approximately $50. Is a truly great car!!!

30th Aug 2002, 16:57

I have a 1995 Mercury Mystique. I too have had trouble with the thermostat. It wound up costing me $800.00 to repair the heads (along with everything else it messed up) because my engine overheated while on a trip and basically fried it. I had no reason to believe that my car was overheating. I looked down and saw the gauge was in the red zone. The switch to my heater (under warranty) was replaced, however, the heater doesn't work anymore and the dealership said that it would cost me because the warranty was for the switch only and the problem is not under warranty. The cooling fan also went (under warranty) but since the thermostat went out, I am always en guarde and watching my gauge. It eventually caught fire. That was repaired. My trunk leaks at the license plate allowing rain and water to enter at the bolts holding the plate on and burns out my license plate lamps. I get pulled over by the police because they burn out so frequently. My cup holders broke off and I refuse to spend the $300.00 to get them replaced. The louvers at my air conditioning vents broke off about 3 weeks after I got the car. Currently, I need to do an overhaul on my transmission ($2,500.00). The calipers on my front brakes have had to be replaced twice now ($500.00 a pop). Now I am having trouble with my seat belt. I am a single mother and don't want another car payment... but this car is a piece of work and it is not cheap to repair anything on the thing.

25th Feb 2003, 12:05

I WAS the proud owner of a 2000 Mercury Mystique. The alternator went up on me after a year and a half. I too went through the bad battery routine at the Dealer then was told months later it was the alternator. Which of course is in a hard to reach area which results in a $500.00 bill. The Heating/Air fan has also go up two times on me over the years. Is this just the start?

24th Mar 2003, 09:29

I would like to see someone top the problems I have encountered with my 1995 LS Mercury Mistake. Not only did I get slaughtered by the dealer in buying the car, being a young women, but I have been taken for the biggest ride of my life. The care advances on it own every winter, only in the winter time. I have taken it in 6 times the 6th time I went to pick it up and the transmission was gone. Good Ford dealership, how convenient.

The following repairs:

Heater, trunk Leaking, struts, back & front shocks, coolant light is always on. Door rubbers are always off due to the doors freezing shut in the winter. Now I cannot get the engine light to stop coming on. Know one can find out what is going on. It was like that when I bought it, then they fixed it, but now it has been 6 months and still it is on. Transmission was replaced 2002, 2003 Replaced full exhaust system, calipers, The Antena does not work, the cup holders have broke. Rooters each year I'm replacing them. There is more from the steering, but I can't remember everything. Between last year and this year I have spent over $5000. I had no choice I still owe money on the car due to the crap deal I made. It is a shame for the car still looks brand new. If breaking down does not cost enough being taken for a ride by the dealers is terrible. The funny thing is I have not even put 5000km on the car in the past 2 years for I take the bus to work. If anyone can tell me why the engine light is on or how to fix the car advancing on it's own I would love to hear from you. karry_lalonde@hotmail.com.

30th Jul 2003, 15:12

I purchased my 95 Mystique in 1997. I have a great deal of praise for this vehicle. It only had 33,000 miles at purchase and now has 165,000. I drive it to work daily and it never fails to get me there. As far as someone telling you that you need to replace the console to fix the cup holders, they're ripping you off. I purchased a used cup holder for $15 and it requires 2 screws to change. The only thing I see that is consistent with our vehicles is the leak in the trunk. Not a big deal. To all who read this... I ride in comfort.

29th Aug 2003, 14:09

I bought a 1995 Mystique in 1998. I've have some problems with this vehicle, but I find it's a great car. Although I have no cup holders left (hockey player suited up took them both out), its not too big a deal. I haven't heard anyone mention any problems with the rear passenger side door being stuck? Has anyone else had this problem? I've had it repaired once, the dealer says that its common with these models, I'm waiting for a recall... which I doubt will come, the lock breaks easily, I just direct everyone to use the other door, I've learned to live with it. Other than these two problems, not much else has gone wrong with this vehicle in the 5 years that I've owned it, I love this car! It's a strong car (24 valve 6 cylinder), and I take it up to the mountains, I've driven long distances with it, locally, city, highway (164,000 kms). I've had to replace the transmission once, only major charge I've had with this vehicle, I keep it well maintained, and its given me lots of "wheel" great time!!

14th Oct 2003, 19:26

I just bought a 1995 mercury mystique for my daughter

It has 95000 miles and it looks beautiful, I paid 1200.00 for it and I see their selling for much more with that mileage. It does make a noise when you go over bumps in the back left side, I hope its just shocks.

3rd Dec 2003, 09:01

Reading the comments about the Mercury Mystiques sounds like people are talking about my car. It all started when I bought it. I didn't want to buy a Ford, but I listened to some bad advice. The dealership had a 95 Ford Contour with 17,000 miles on it (this was 99 that I bought the car). Turns out odometer had been replaced and never recorded, so they gave me the 96 Mystique with 35,000 miles on it, and they said they were giving me a deal b/c it was a yr newer and the next step up. Ha! Since that day, my mechanic has seen it more than me.

Belts-timing and another, shocks and struts, rotors more than once, things that I don't even know the name of. A lot of these repairs came in 2001 and the car was only 5 years old then. I have probably put into this car 1/3 of what I originally paid for it.

As a matter of fact, my mechanic has it today because I am leaking antifreeze from somewhere, but b/c of how the car is made, he doesn't know exactly where yet without taking everything apart. It has been one thing after another and I cannot wait until the day when I can walk away from this thing forever. I will never buy another Ford ever again.