8th Oct 2010, 04:00

I have a 98 Mystique, and it keeps pulling to the right. Mechanic replaced the calipers, but that did not fix the problem. He now says that we should replace the ABS module. Let me know if anyone has had this problem and how they fixed it? It is on the passenger front tire.

11th Oct 2010, 16:22

Does it only pull to the right when you brake? I don't understand why your mechanic keeps looking at he brakes and ABS for the problem. The first thing to look at are the tires and alignment. I got rid of my pulling to the right by switching the front wheels over.

29th Oct 2010, 14:55

I got a '98 Mystique GS as a hand-me-down from my family. It has only 58,000 miles on it, but unfortunately it feels like a car with 158,000 miles.

The front end feels loose, like it's about to fall off every time I hit a bump. Every mechanic I've take it to couldn't find a problem.

Several months ago, I lost the ability to select the setting for where the HVAC air blows out -- it was stuck on defrost no matter what I did. Then, the blower lost all speeds except high.

Finally, a couple weeks ago, the blower fan went out completely. I finally did some research and found that there was a recall on the blower switch and resistor. This car is a piece of junk.

7th Feb 2011, 20:46

I have a 97 Mercury Mystique (dark metallic green), and all I can say is that this car is OK. My dad bought it from a friend of his, who is a mechanic, for $600. All it needed was the transmission, which they bought at a junk yard for around $150-300.

I've now owned it for a whole year and a half, and there have been minor repairs that needed to be done. Alternator changed, tires changed, battery needed charging due to the alternator being messed up, fuel pump replaced. Just minor repairs that you'd expect with a 10+ year old car.

The good thing is that there is a junk yard that is close by, and when something goes wrong with the car, we go up there and buy whatever the car needs for half the price of a new one, plus a 6 month warranty through the junk yard. There are a lot of the Mystiques and Contours to choose from at the junkie.

The engine sounds very good, and the transmission is still good. Other than that, the body of the car and the interior are awesome. I see newer cars with big scratches, big dents, or that are crashed already, and my car is in very good condition. It might have minor scratches, a small hole in the front bumper, and a small dent under the rear light that's not noticeable. No big noticeable defects on it.

The interior is still very good, the seats are in very good condition.

I pimped it out. Got all the windows tinted, white xenon lights, new stereo system, and a stock spoiler on it, which has a third brake light in the middle. It now has two third brake lights since it came with one in the inside on the bottom of the back window, and the spoiler has one in the middle. I'm thinking about putting in an alarm with remote control start for the winter times. A friend of mine down the street can get it for cheap and install it at no charge.

My Mystique is probably the best looking one in my neighborhood. So far we have spent around $1,750-$2,250 on the car, including the price at which we bought the car. Luckily my car didn't come too defective, as the lady that came up with this post. I would've sold that car to the junk yard a long time ago...