1997 Mercury Mystique LS from North America


Unfortunately this lemon was my first car; handles great, but not worth it


The following was wrong when I received the car:

Windows: Front & back passenger side windows didn't work at all. Electrical issues.

Paint: Chipping on the driver's side; my aunt said this started occurring after she took it to the car wash.

The car was given to me by my aunt at 126,000 miles, in May 2009.

Tires: All four tires replaced a month later, about $400.

A/C: I have no idea what it is, but when I have the A/C on and I'm idling, it begins to make a strange noise; never had it looked into. It's a scary loud rattling noise, though I just drive with the windows down instead.

Alignment: Hit a pot hole, blew a BRAND NEW TIRE, alignment was screwed up. However not even a month or two later, I thought it needed another alignment, but never bothered.

Battery & alternator: Replaced July 2009. Alternator wasn't charging the battery at all. Thank God I have road side assistance; only paid $10 for tow truck. I've had to jump the car previously numerous times.

Wipers: Wiper arm fell off/broke off during a terrible nor'easter in February 2010. Had to go to a junk yard & pull off an arm from a Ford Contour (same exact car pretty much).

Oil: Always had to keep changing the oil, it turns black so quickly. Had a full oil change in May 2010, and by that July, one night I was driving it & the car was making weird noises; checked the oil, NOTHING. So I had to buy some. Ever since then I have to constantly check the oil/change it less than every 2,000 miles.

In May of 2010 it began acting weird again; driving slow, very loud, etc. Oil was very low & black when I checked it. Took it to my cousin, turns out I have an oil leak, bearings were also worn down because of it. He fixed the leak, put a thicker oil with an additive in it to "buy me some time" but told me I better start looking for a new car *sigh*. Car stalled out on me a month later, now it's too dangerous to drive.

Engine: because of my oil issues, the engine is really messed up. I have no idea what exactly is wrong, but it's been sitting in the driveway for about 2 months now.

Now I have a hard time starting it, and sometimes when I start it, it'll turn off & I have to do it again. Been having the problem for months now, however it's gotten worse.

General Comments:

Unfortunately this was my first car. It was given to me by my aunt, and my father was the first owner. He took exceptionally good care of this vehicle. I'm not entirely sure what went wrong with it when he had it, but he sold it to my aunt about 5 years after owning the car. However she took terrible care of the vehicle, and was very hard with it, didn't keep up maintenance..

The car handles great, it's a smooth ride, radio works perfectly. It's a fun car to drive, handles better than my mom's 2003 Jetta and my friend's Saturn. It's a shame that it's a lemon.

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Review Date: 22nd June, 2010

1997 Mercury Mystique GS 2.0L Zetec I4 from North America


Buyer beware; this car is cheap


Window motor went out in driver side front door two weeks after purchase. Dealer replaced for $300.

Cup holders are broke due to cheap plastic parts.

Driver door handle on outside works when it wants to.

Rear driver side door handle also works when it wants too, which is weird because it's a mechanical lever and latch type system... should work the same all the time.

Climate control unit also works properly when it wants. Fan speed works on settings 1 and 2 but not always on 3 or 4.

Temperature gauge on instrument cluster never worked properly, so we didn't know the engine was overheating until the head gasket went out at 85,000.

Had entire engine replaced at 85,000 due to head gasket blowing.

Power locks are slow. Very slow. They don't just snap locked and unlocked like other cars I've owned.

General Comments:

Interior space is too small for a toddler, as her feet are always cramped against the back of the front seat.

Many components fail to work properly in the car.

Vital gauges are missing so you don't know anything is wrong with the car until it's too late.

For a car that had 75,000 miles on it, it had more issues than my Honda with over 200,000 miles.

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Review Date: 14th July, 2009