1997 Mercury Mystique GS 2.0 Litre from North America


Not a bad car


Had to replace all four tires and am going to have to get new tires.

Had to replace an O2 sensor at about 100,000.

Had check engine light come on a couple of times. A piston had misfired each time. Has not done this for last 10,000 km.

Front doors are getting hard to open. Have to really pull up the handles. I am afraid that one of these days one is going to break.

Broke the glove box level when opening it one day. I did not do anything different than any other time. It just broke.

General Comments:

The car is not overly peppy. Being 4 cylinders has something to do with it, I'm sure.

The car has not been too bad overall.

The headrests are not the most comfortable and the seats do not recline without winding a wheel. This is the worst way to lean back a seat; especially for long trips where the passenger is going to go to sleep.

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Review Date: 29th September, 2004

1997 Mercury Mystique GS 2.0 l4 from North America


Fun car, saves a lot on gas


Not much has really gone wrong check engine light came on 2 times, minor stuff.

Rough idle when air conditioner or heater is on.

Had to get HIGH/LOW air adjuster knob replaced for air conditioner/heater, repair under warranty.

General Comments:

Nice car to drive

Quick little car

Great on gas

Quick steering

Seat adjuster moves back every so often.

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Review Date: 27th June, 2004

8th Sep 2005, 16:21

I own a '97 mystique GS, and I can honestly say I really love this car!

I currently have 68k miles and have not had any problems.

Runs well, auto trans works great and it's great on gas mileage.

I bought it for $5,000 over a year ago, it was well maintained by the previous owner, and I hope it holds out for at least a few more years.

1997 Mercury Mystique GS 2.0 from North America


Too much money put into it!


At 60,000 miles the fan speeds quit working, a faulty switch, fixed by dealer, no charge. At 71,000 miles the transmission started acting up, got it fixed for $500. At 73,000 the fuel filter, spark plugs, and oxygen sensor had to be replaced $300. At 77,000 the brakes went out, had to get new rotors and pads, $300. The oil gets changed every 3,000-5,000 miles.

General Comments:

Over all this has been a great car, but it has lots of problems and you need to watch out what you buy.

The ride is very smooth, with the 16 valve Z-Tech engine, it has lots of power.

Over all, this is a great car and runs very well.

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Review Date: 25th June, 2004

3rd Aug 2005, 18:40

OK, I hate to say this, but what you describe are normal maintenance items for the car. Check your owner's manual, you will see what I am talking about. The one exception is the heater switch, but I have had switches fail in other cars for no apparent reason.

1997 Mercury Mystique GS 2.0L from North America


A lot of car for a small price!


At 67,000 the transmission started to go funny, got it replaced for $500.

At 68,700 the fuel filter and the oxygen sensor went out, and got that fixed also, which was $295.

Also at 71,000, the anti-lock brakes went out, haven't fixed it yet.

Otherwise with regular maintenance, my car has been running very well.

General Comments:

After I got it fixed, it really goes, nothing can stop it. With the fuel filter, it takes off like a rocket, it has lots of speed and it handles really well in any conditions.

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Review Date: 4th November, 2003

18th Dec 2003, 20:06

My car also has 67,000 miles on it and the transmission went out and they want $3000.00 to fix it. You got lucky only paying what you did. I will NEVER buy another Ford as long as I live. I have had nothing, but problems with this car ever since I bought it. The sad thing is Ford has to know about all these problems and they won't do anything to help any of us with them.