1998 Mercury Sable LS from Saudi Arabia


Poor to Fair


1) Power steering unit failed at about 80,000 km. 2) Transmissions satart to fail at about 150,000 km.

3) Cooling water pump failed at about 195,000 km.

4) Engine seats replaced at about 180,000 km.

5) Frequent break bads replacement.

6) Sometimes AC working while the car is off and I had to disconnect the battery to switch it off.

7) Engine sound increased after 100,000 km.

General Comments:

The car is not reliable and the dealer is sleepy and not cooperative at all.

The best thing in the car is the stereo.

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Review Date: 13th May, 2006

10th Jun 2006, 13:18

Also I want to add that I lost all four wheels bearings after 150 km. I had to replace all of them, and now I lost the left front one.

24th Jun 2006, 18:19

I Meant 150,000 km!

1998 Mercury Sable GS 3.0 vulcan from North America


Absolutely reliable and inexpensive to own


Alternator failure at 100,000 miles. It was very expensive to replace because they use a Japanese-built alternator.

General Comments:

The car was a former rental or lease car with the usual wear and tear issues. A fairly loaded model with ABS (four wheel disc brakes) that has saved me from two wrecks on wet pavement and the 4-wheel discs are amazing in the mountains. The brake pads wear rather quickly, but are cheap and easy to replace. The car also came with 65-series tires standard and quite firm suspension. I love it the wife hates it. It handles very well for such a heavy car. Fuel mileage about 25 m.p.g. highway. About 17 m.p.g. in town.

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Review Date: 3rd October, 2005

1998 Mercury Sable LS 3 L 200 hp from North America


It was great 'til the tranny went


Transmission started slipping, too expensive to fix, I was told.

Electronic components would flicker on and off.

Door ajar warning would stay on at times along with dome light.

General Comments:

This car was very nice to drive, smooth. A bit of road noise from the wheels, but other than that the power was there when needed. Being a station wagon it at a lot of room to carry most kind of merchandise. For a car this size it was great on fuel. I still miss it. It was loaded. Now my new Hyundai Elantra hatchback has really big shoes to fill.

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Review Date: 25th April, 2005

1998 Mercury Sable LX 3.0 DOHC from North America


Great car for road warriors


I've had several electrical issues with this car. I have been told this is common for the model year. Both rear window motors have burned out. The antenna does not always fully rise. The intermittent windshield washers sometimes acts possessed. (Ford makes bad winshield wipers, wiper blades need replaced every 3 months.) I've had oxygen sensors replaced. Also had tie rods, sway bar, and AC compressor replaced. And of course the usual breaks, tires, shocks, etc. Last ongoing problem is a trunk leak.

General Comments:

This car, for all it's minor nuisance problems, is built like a tank. And the drive is smooth. Handling is less than could be desired, and in rain could be much, much better. Also, body roll is excessive. I would suggest firmer aftermarket shocks and sway-bar. The interior is awesome. The layout of the instrument panel is perfect. My car came with bucket seats and lombard control - extremely nice on long drives. The only thing I would change is to allow the front seats to go back farther. (I'm 6'5" and oddly enough the front drivers side has more than enough room, but the front passenger side feels cramped. Shorter (than me) co-pilots don't have this problem, though.) The rear seats have plenty of leg room and are comfortable with front seats all the way back. The trunk has plenty of room.

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Review Date: 16th September, 2004

2nd Apr 2008, 18:05

Check the speed sensor. I had the windshield wipers go nuts on me too. Also the speedometer would go nuts! My husband put in a speed sensor and everything is great!

1998 Mercury Sable LS Premium 24v V6 from North America


Avoid this car


This car has had an internal transmission failure so severe that the transmission assembly required replacement (The transmission is the type "Ax4N"). The dealer stated there was an internal mechanical failure and that individual components were unable to be serviced and the only remedy is to replace the transmission unit. I don't call that a failure, I call that a design and manufacturing defect.

General Comments:

My VW lasted over 200,000 needing only brakes, scheduled service, and an exhaust at 110,000. Ford can't build a transmission to survive 66,l00 miles.

I have filed a complaint with NHTSA and encourage others to do the same.

My next vehicle purchase will not be from Ford Motor Company or any of its affiliates.

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Review Date: 28th November, 2003

30th Nov 2003, 17:11

I own the 2001 Mercury Sable LS, which has 39,300 miles. I am told by Mercury that I am having a miss fire problem, blocked injector, and/or bad coil and wires.

I have replaced the coil, as well as replaced the platinum plugs at 39,000 miles. I think this is ridiculous. I purchased the car because I like the sleek styling. This is my first and last Ford/Mercury product. My car still spits, skips, etc after replacing those things. Now I'm told I need to have the injectors cleaned! I will be on the Toyota lot tomorrow morning 12/01/03!