23rd Feb 2008, 03:54

Beware where you buy your grand am, or maybe buy just about anything else.

25th Feb 2008, 21:41

The previous comment was correct, if the car wasnt well maintained, well then its going to have problems. Plus the place you bought the car from can't be that good, if they sold you a car that had a transmission problem.

27th Jun 2008, 08:19

Our Sable is currently in the shop for the third time this month. We have the same slipping problems with our transmission as the previous writer. The shop has rebuilt the transmission, changed the torque converter, changed the neutral safety switch and every time we bring it home, as soon as the car warms up it starts to slip again. If anyone out there has had a successful repair on their transmission could you share the secret with us?

1st Jul 2008, 02:09

I am the author of this post, and as far as a successful repair on the cars transmission, it doesn't exist; get rid of it. Right after I had it rebuilt, it did the same thing.

All the other comments posted above are true about maintaining a car, but I think these cars just had that transmission issue, so my advice is deal with it or get rid of it; don't waste anymore time or money than you already have.

All comments posted above are not the ones left stranded on the side of the road or forking out the money.

28th Jul 2008, 20:07

The transmission in my 1999 Sable just failed - for the second time. The first was at 120,000 kilometers and cost $2,500 to replace. This one also requires a total replacement estimated at $3,000 which is more than the present value of the car. I'm advised that this is an inherent problem that Ford won't stand behind. Sorry Ford, but you've lost me as a customer. I'll be trying the Asian vehicles next time around.

7th Aug 2008, 21:26

Do not get a Grand Am. I just got one yesterday and it has so many electrical problems. The car's lights turn on and off for no reason, and now I already have a dead battery. there are numerous other problems as well. Stay clear of grand Ams.

10th Sep 2008, 10:05

I own a 1999 Mercury Sable and have not ever had a transmission problem. I have had it since 2000 and it has 120,000 miles on it. It's still running strong and it's true, transmission fluid changes are harmful not helpful.

12th Oct 2008, 13:15

I have recently bought a 1999 Mercury Sable and have had nothing but problems from the car since day one.

Of course, these problems were not alarming when I test drove it. After I signed the papers for financing is when I started having problems.

It has been to the dealership at least 5 times trying to figure out what is wrong with it. I already know that it is the transmission. It gets stuck in between gears and it hesitates when I try to take off or turning a corner.

I am currently trying to get out of the deal with the car because it is not registered to me yet. It only had 97,000 miles when I got it on August 23, 2008.

If you are considering buying this car, DON'T!!! Save your money or get a HONDA, TOYOTA, or NISSAN. They are all great cars. Especially Toyota. Thanks for reading my comment.

12th Dec 2010, 09:42

Good luck if you go with Grand Am. They are horrible cars!!! My girlfriend has one, and I am mechanic and I have done everything to it that the reviews here say about them. Alternators every 30k miles or so, water pump that requires the engine to be torn apart just to see it (if I charged standard rate, it would be over $900), #3 spark plug engine codes for no reason, plastic cooling system that breaks at random, dash lights flickering and car dying while driving, requiring dash and computer change, O2 sensors that only last 2 years or less, front suspension A arm bushings that rot overnight, bad brake calipers and rotors, ABS system that you finally give up on, because water leaks in car everywhere, and water goes to the ABS control under the passenger seat carpet.

Ford may have made some lemons, but they are much easier to work on than any GM product. I think GM engineers sit around and think all day about how to put parts where they are the most difficult to get to. To change the heater core in any car is a one hour job, except on her Grand Am, which took 18 hours, and required the entire dash to be pulled, center console and more.

Argggh, I hate that car, and am here because I am going to buy her something else for X-mas so I don't have to work on that %$%#%$ Grand Am anymore!!!

13th Dec 2010, 20:45

I've owned two Mercury Sables, a 1999 and a 2000 model, and have had no transmission problems with either one of them. I leased the 1999 as a new car, bought it at the end of the lease, and paid the dealer to flush the transmission with the right type of fluid every 30,000 miles as specified in the owner's manual. The transmission shifted like new at 115,000 miles when I signed the car over to my daughter in August.

I bought the 2000 model used, and have paid for two flushes in the 40,000 miles that I've driven it. It turned 131,000 miles last week, and still shifts perfectly. I'm convinced that lack of maintenance, or improper maintenance with the wrong fluids or repair techniques, is responsible for the premature death of many automatic transmissions, so I make sure that my family's cars get the transmission maintenance that their manufacturer's recommend.

10th Jan 2013, 11:56

I am the second owner of a 1999 Mercury Sable. An older woman bought it brand new, and never had any service done to it. The engine locked up on her last year. I bought the car and put a 2000 model engine in it, and with some repairs that were obviously needed, the car hasn't quit on me yet.

The worst problem I have had out of it is power steering, although I have a trouble code that says I have a failed transmission with excessive slippage. It must be wrong, because I drive 70 miles a day and it runs great. 20,000 miles this year.

I have to say Ford went right with this car. Maybe they didn't go right with every one they sold it to.