22nd Nov 2006, 15:34

To the poster on November 21, you may have just a minor maintenance issue. I wrote the comment on May 14, and at that time, my parents' Mercury Sable was driving fun. By June, with about 145,000 miles on it, the transmission was beginning to "slam" when you put it in gear, and have difficulty shifting smoothly. It was acting like their old Pontiac 6000 right before the transmission locked. The solution was simply to change the transmission filter and replace the fluid, and then it started shifting just fine again, and the "slamming" and "jerking" went away. Routine maintenance. As for your power steering, I wish you could tell us more, but have you checked the fluid level in the pump? With the engine cold, unscrew the filler cap with attached dipstick and check the "full when cold" line. If you use the "full when hot" line, the engine should be running at operating temperature, idling in park or neutral. Check the owners manual to see if you should add "power steering fluid" or "automatic transmission fluid". Some power steering pumps use ATF. Neither of your problems sound like reasons to junk the car.

18th Dec 2006, 11:57

None of the negative comments on the Sable surprise me. I was just freed from my nightmare last week when my 1999 LS Sedan was totalled in an accident.

I spent nearly $1000 prior to the accident because of an issue surround the steering box, tie rods and ball joints.

I am through with American cars. I had a Chevy Lumina once and that should have given me a hint on how inferior American cars are to their Japanese counterparts!

4th May 2008, 11:10

My 1998 Sable's transmission began to leak at approximately 160,000km. I had the seal between the torque converter and the transmission replaced, which fixed the leak for about 2 months. I'm not sure whether or not this was the fault of the garage or the transmission, but I ended up selling the car because of this fault.

Asides from this transmission issue, which could have been in part due to the way I drove the car, I had no complaints. The Sable is what it is; a comfortable and powerful sedan.

12th Aug 2008, 21:55

Hi, I have a 98 mercury sable, and when the car is cold, I will start it, and when I put it into gear and let off the brake and push the gas, it will like, rev for a second without moving, then it slams or jerks into gear. I have no idea whats wrong, it only does it when the car is cold!

13th Aug 2008, 11:21

21:55, you need to have the transmission fluid and filter changed. DO NOT GET A FLUSH! The transmission fluid has gotten dirty, and the filter is clogged with debris, so when it's cold, the fluid won't circulate. This is routine maintenance, and shouldn't be that expensive to have done.

31st Dec 2008, 21:48

December 21, 2008. My 2003 Sable transmission was replaced today. It stripped without warning at 74,000 miles. No prior problems but this expensive repair will make me think twice before buying Ford again. It really troubled me that my mechanic stated it happends to Sables "a lot", that I did nothing wrong, this was unavoidable. What is wrong in the manufacturing process? Why are my tax dollars supporting this inept corporation?

26th Feb 2009, 17:11

Feb. 26,2009.

I also have a Sable that has about 114,000 plus miles on it. Unfortunately, I had the transmission and cooling system flushed last May only to find that I have had more problems since having it done. Right now I am experiencing the kick back when leaving a stop light or sign. I actually thought it was going to die in the middle of a left turn. I had the oil changed and the transmission fluid checked and they said that the transmission fluid was dirty again. Is this normal and what should be done next?

27th Feb 2009, 18:07

If the fluid smells burnt, then the bands or clutches are slipping and burning up: tranny overhaul or replacement may be necessary soon. Try Lucas Oil transmission fix, it's cheap and may help.

If it doesn't smell burnt:

If only the fluid has been flushed and the filter has not been replaced (check your receipt) then the old filter may contaminate the new fluid. I would have it changed again and make sure they replace the filter as well.

If they did change the filter the first time, then the dirt may come from stuff that stuck to the interior of the tranny. I still would change both the fluid and the filter.

31st Jul 2009, 23:48

I have a 1996 Mercury Sable with 191,000 miles, and I've only had to change normal wear and tear parts. I have to agree, those Sable transmissions were not the best. But anyway, sorry you had a bad experience.

15th Jan 2010, 07:45

I have had my 1997 Sable since 98, and it has ran perfect no problems with the transmission, but it just recently hit 200,000 miles and now the power steering is making a high screeching noise whenever I turn, and whenever it is low on fluid or cold, it takes a while before I get smooth turning of the wheel... I believe it is just a leak from one of the seals... if anyone else has any ideas about the problem, please tell me. I want to get it fixed, because for me it's been a good car, and I haven't had a problem out of it until now... so I must have gotten the good one out of the bunch LOL.

25th Feb 2010, 11:23

At 31st Dec 2008, 21:48:

Your tax dollars aren't supporting Ford, only GM and Chrysler received bailout money.

My grandmother owns a 97 Taurus (same basic car) and I've known many with this generation that haven't had these problems.

Could it be that cars, regardless of manufacturer, are hit and miss, just like any other manufactured good?

7th Mar 2010, 20:53

To 07:45.

Did you try Lucas Oil Power Steering Fix (or Lucas Oil Transmission Fix if the power steering uses transmission fluid)? I have had luck with this and it could prevent or delay replacing a power steering pump.

14th Jan 2011, 13:40

Man, you guys are too awesome. My 96 Mercury Sable has 300 000 km on it. Was perfect days ago. Started shifting a little rougher, and when I come to a stop, she down shifts like an angry girlfriend or something, and it is beginning to seem like it's beginning to stick and shift hard more often.

I haven't changed the trans filter since I've bought the car a couple months ago, but it's been perfect. Hope I can change that, and it'll be back to normal again? This crazy Sable shifts like a beast; starting to worry. Hope I can change the filter and fluid.

Thanx a lot guys.

14th May 2012, 21:39

Our 2008 Toyota Sienna does not need any tranny fluid changes (according to the owner's manual), unless driven on dirt & gravel all the time.

14th Aug 2014, 02:25

What kind of Mercedes transmission can be used?