28th May 2006, 13:33

I have a 1999 Mercury Sable GS.

It has 150,000 miles on it and the wind shield wipers come on when they feel like it. I have had problems out of the pulleys. First it was the pulley that is bolted onto the water pump, then it was the belt tensioner. This car is really starting to annoy me.

When I first got it, there was no problem. Now I'm starting to have problems.

The wheel alignment is off, which means that I have to replace front tires every 2 to 3 weeks on the front.

The coolant reservoir is leaking.

When I get on the highway when it is raining, the car slides.

I'm trying to hold on to this car, but I'm starting to get rid of it!!!

8th Jun 2006, 11:00

I purchased a 1999 Mercury Sable about three years ago. To date I have spent over $6000.00 for repairs. The heater stopped working at only 55,000 miles and required the heater core to be replaced. At 60,000 it required brake cylinders and the speedometer stopped working. Last year at about 63,000 miles, a valve broke and the entire motor had to be replaced. It is currently sitting in the driveway in a large puddle of brake fluid that leaked from the left rear brake. We also own 1986 Toyota Corolla with 215,000 miles on it that is more dependable than the 1999 Mercury.

6th Aug 2006, 18:15

I bought a 1999 Mercury Sable sedan in 2001 that had 34000 miles. I paid $16,000 for this car.

The dealership disowned the car as soon as I left the lot. I had the car for 2 weeks. I noticed that during a turn, sometimes my wipers would activate all by themselves (small problem). Went back and forth to dealership to get this problem fixed, never resolved. I felt, at that point if that would be the only thing that could go wrong with this car, I could try to live with this small problem. However, I was wrong.

At 60,000 miles I start having transmission problems. The car would get hot and had trouble changing gears. I know that with all the least expensive re-calls that I have recieved in the mail for this car, that Ford knows of the problems with the transmission of the Mercury Sable. I have not driven this car for over 13 months and still owe $4,000, and I'm stuck with a non-drivable full covered insured car. My wife and I have driven this car in its condition for a period of time, which makes me understand that it's not the transmission, it has to be something else that Ford knows of only. All the mechanics are taking advantage of this situation.

Nevertheless, due to financial reasons and commitment to the finance company, we are stuck with an embarassment to our country that we have to look elsewhere for good running cars. This situation has cause my family to be in a frantic state of mind about Ford. I know 7 people that have had this same car and with identical problems. What's wrong with picture???

18th Dec 2006, 11:52

I purchased a '99 Sable a little over two years ago and while I didn't have many of the problems that are listed here, one problem I DID HAVE was the issue surrounding the steering box, tie rods and ball joints.

The car had barely over 50K miles when the steering started to feel like it was buckling. I brought it to my mechanic and after $1,000 worth of repairs he basically said that the Sable is notorious for this kind of problem and that "I would have to live with it". Meaning don't be surprised if something happens like that again soon!

As luck would have it, my "beloved Sable" was totalled in an accident recently so I have been freed from this vehicle which is now sitting in an auto graveyard.

In summary this is the second American vehicle that has let me down. I had previously owned a Chevy Lumina and I won't begin to tell you what a nightmare that was! I am done with American cars. I can see why Ford, GM, and Chrysler are having all these financial problems. Maybe if they made their cars a little better they wouldn't be in such dire shape!

20th Dec 2006, 14:02

Hello everyone here. I am also the owner of a 1999 mercury sable, I have had few problems with mine, but as a mechanic myself I know exactly what I am looking at when I buy a car.

I have noticed on some of the postings here that some of the owners bought the sable in question used. Meaning they bought it from a used lot. The car in question was traded in or a lease return. Either way, my bet would be that the car has had poor or no preventive maintenance done. And that at the time of purchase the car was already years behind on upkeep.

Buying a used car is a large undertaking, you are also buying into taking care of everything the last owner neglected to do. The trick to this, there is never a list of what these things are. And you now have to pay, to have someone go from bumper to bumper and look for anything that needs your attention. I have seen this cost as much as the car is worth.

My sable Has had a few things replaced, but it is all on my list of normal problem areas. The steering assembly is not a common problem area with these cars, as long as the assembly is properly lubed, the joints require grease. And without it, or damaged boots/ seals, these parts will fail.

Also another problem I see on here is the wipers, these switches are made mostly of plastic, and plastic wears out, just something to remember.

The parts that were used a lot or poorly maintained by a cars prior owner are the parts that will fail on you. And most times a lot sooner then one might think.

My suggestion is to find a small honest shop in your area, and make personal friends with this mechanic, take a car you are looking at to him for his advice. If the dealer has a problem with this, buy somewhere else where they have nothing to hide.

I have owned everything from Fords, Chevy's to BMW's and MB's, I think that a well kept Sable is a good car that will last many years. Remember everyone a car is a mix of steel, moving parts and complex electrical parts, it does require a bit of maintenance...

5th Jan 2007, 19:16

I too have had problems with the 1999 Mercury Sable I purchased in November 2004. At the time, I was in dire need of a car... due to the other one giving out. I have had the left ball joint and the right tie rod replaced ($260) ; an automatic sensor replaced (which was causing my car to shut off at random times without warning ($174.00) and most recently the starter replaced ($243.00). I realize that I could have gotten a used starter for a lot less, but my car left me stranded in the Wal-Mart parking lot and b/c of my job I need dependable transportation. Just this week (after spending $500 last month) my car is doing very odd things. The open door light stays on for a quite a while along with the overhead light when I drive it. And whenever I press on the brake, my car is not making a smooth transition. Oh, it stops, but there is definitely something wrong. It also has a very funny sound. It can't be the brakes because I had the brakes checked last month when they told me the ball joint and tie rod had to be replaced. I'm guessing it's probably the transmission because the other night, I put it into park and it wasn't a smooth transition into park then either. Edit: Today the transmission gave out entirely...I was on the road and all of a sudden I couldn't go forward...a man walking by on the sidewalk said my transmission had give out. So it's now at a repair shop while they search for a used transmission for me.