1985 Mercury Topaz GS 2.3L 4 cylinder from North America


An economic solution to transportation woes


I had to replace some of the gaskets. The transmission one went last and was quite easy to repair.

Unfortunately the doors are the first thing to rust on these cars. Door skins are very inexpensive, but quite a pain to have to do.

The transmission lines are clamped under the rad with metal links. This causes them to rust quite quickly. The lines were only $100CDN to replace.

The spare tire well in the trunk is notorious on these cars for rotting out on you. This will hamper getting a safety ticket.

Power steering rack slowly rotted away in the 2nd year of my owning it. I never did fix this because I felt power steering was not necessary.

General Comments:

All in all this was one of the greatest cars I owned.

It has the pep when you need it, but can go nice and easy if necessary.

Any part for this car is cheap. I paid under $60 CDN for the entire exhaust brand new.

Turns are tight and handling is nice.

A generally quiet car with a nice interior and plenty of trunk and head room.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 23rd October, 2003