1993 Mercury Topaz GS 2.3 4 cylinder. from North America


Good, reliable first car or work car


Replaced starter at 99,000 miles.

Replaced all four struts at 85,000 miles.

Replaced front ones again at about 160,000.

Only minor rust on trunk and inside driver's side front door step. (Driven in MA and MI).

Power door locks died at about 120,000 miles.

Recently have had to replace fuse on air blower every few months.

General Comments:

Definitely not a sports car, but reliable.

Brother-in-law drove car from Michigan to Louisiana and back twice in 2/04 and only had minor problems with overheating.

Made plenty of long trips with car between 4/96 and 4/99 and never had a problem with the exception of a flat tire.

Gas mileage average.

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Review Date: 4th November, 2004

4th Apr 2005, 10:09

The heat shield on my car (the one this review is about) did the same thing back in 1996. It was removed, but only because it became a nuisance. Its removal has caused no mechanical problems. It had 52,000mi. and it still going right now with 209,000mi.. Forgot to mention it.

1993 Mercury Topaz GS 2.0 , 4 cylinder from North America


Definitely getting my money's worth


I have had to replace the clutch plate after about 50,000 miles.

Several problems with exhaust.

After 70,000 miles the fuel pump went out.

Driver side door handle broken, have to open the car from passenger side.

Computer module went out the same time that the fuel pump did. We thought that it might have been just the module, but ended up being both.

General Comments:

The five speed manual still gives this car a lot of get up and go.

Still has original motor, and doesn't use a lot of oil.

I have wrecked a few times and had to replace body parts, (left fender, hood, right fender, passenger door, rear bumper, front bumper) so the parts are easy to come by.

This car is still alive and kicking and I am going to drive it tell it falls apart.

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Review Date: 9th August, 2004

8th Nov 2004, 06:44

I just purchased a 1993 Topaz for $25.00. The only big problem was a hole in the radiator. My husband and a friend actually drove it up the street about half a block with no battery in it. The only problem we don't know how to fix in the driver door. You can't open it from the outside, but you can open it from the inside. Can anyone help us with this?

Thank you from Texas.

1993 Mercury Topaz LS 2.3L from North America


A reliable car if taken care of properly


I have had to change the starter twice (once under warranty-defective starter). Happened at 80000 Kms.

I have had the harmonic balancer replaced (lower Crankshaft pulley). This job was done at the garage (they had to tilt the motor down to remove it). The cost was about $500. Happened around 100000kms.

I have had the valve cover gasket blow. Oil all over the place. Cost at garage $150. Happened around 125000kms.

I have had to replace the head gasket, shave the head and replace my radiator. Motor did not blow, but I noticed the signs early (antifreeze in oil (smell), cloudy/white on oil dip-stick). Cost at garage $800. Happened at 165000kms.

General Comments:

I have an 1993 Mercury Topaz LS 2.3L, 4 cylinder, 4dr, Auto, Power locks, cruise, and A/C with 185000 Kms on it and have had some issues with it. I have had my car for 8 years, and bought it from the Ford dealer with 40000Kms on it for $7500.

Overall, the car is pretty reliable for its age. If you are pretty gentle on the gas, as this is not a race car (no hard acceleration), the engine is responsive and will last. General maintenance (ie. Changing spark plugs, regular oil changes, air filter, PVC, air breather, fuel filter, coolant/antifreeze) is pretty simple even for someone with limited knowledge of car repairs.

Auto transmission is very reliable, not much up/down shifting if light on the gas, very responsive when needed with engine(passing cars on the highway). Make sure you change the transmission fluid and pan gasket (75000 Kms, 150000 Kms, etc) when the fluid becomes dark red (you will thank me later).

Care should be taken regarding gas mileage. City mileage is fair; a full tank of gas = approx. 350 Kms. Highway mileage with cruise on with a full tank of gas = 650 Kms. The tank is fairly big approx, 50 litres, so be prepared to spend some $ on gas to fill her up.

I have taken my car on a lot of long road trips on the highway, and have had no problems with it. No overheating, and OK on gas.

The driver and passenger side seats seem to be a little small. Not designed for tall people. Otherwise, comfortable for long road trips.

The issues I have with it is continuous repairs to the front-end suspension systems (CV boots, in/outer tie-rods, ball-joints, struts & springs, and an left axle replaced once.) Do not replace these parts with used or after market parts as you will be sorry. I have since replaced all front end parts with new (from 100000 Kms to 140000 Kms) with no problems to-date (touch wood!).

My power locks on my passenger side front door and driver rear do not work anymore (happened at 110000Kms).

Front and rear brakes and parts are pretty easy to install/service, and last years.

I exhaust system has held up very well. I have not had to change a thing since I bought it 8 years ago (new front to back when purchased). Some minor welding of brackets, but that is to be expected.

In the cold winter (-20C to -30C), if the cars block-heater is plugged in, it will start no problem. If the car is sitting for hours in the cold it will turn over, but slowly.

The cars electronic sensors work well, except for the check engine light comes on sometimes (it only happens in the cold winter (-20C to -30C), but goes off when the car warms up.

My car is also rusting out from the floorboards, doors and around rear wheel base (have had the car rust checked 4 times over 8 years, but our cold climate needs salt on the roads).

My car now however, with 185000 Kms on it, is having oil blow-by problems. The valve guides are getting worn. The oil is blowing past the valve cover and onto the outside of it. I refuse to put anymore $ into this car for any more major repairs. Just keep checking/adding oil and clean the motor off a rag when needed.

Overall, for the amount of $ I bought the car for 8 years ago, I have got my $ out of it. Although, I wouldn't mind owning a NEW car now, if I could afford it.

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Review Date: 25th July, 2004