22nd Jul 2006, 18:14

I recently bought a '95 Villager with 187K on it. I agree with your comments on the sloppy shifter. Same thing here. What parts did you get for your $55 fix?

Had the fuel pump replaced since the van was having a hard time starting and was making a loud humming noise. That fixed both of those problems.

I'm getting a strange little squeak out of the transmission when it upshifts into what is probably 3rd gear. Doesn't happen on the other shifts - just the one shift. Ever have that happen?

Rear door rattles quite a bit on bumpy roads - have you had that problem? Side door seems to work fine. Lot of wind noise around driver's door.

Otherwise, van seems to run fine. Taking it out of overdrive helps quite a bit in the mountains. Recently put on Yokohama Avid Touring tires - rides smooth as silk now.

14th Aug 2006, 13:56

For the $55, a mechanic adjusted the shift linkage which fixed the problem of not being able to find Park, but it is still sloppy.

No noticeable squeak when shifting from 2-3, but sometimes exibits the harsh 1-2 up shift others with Villagers have complained about.

The window in the rear hatch rattles, haven't fixed that yet.

16th Apr 2007, 06:21

Poor Performance since buying Used. 1996 Villager is going back into the trans shop again, reverse gear is non-existent, again. Had the trans rebuilt a few years ago (because of a reverse seal), now the reverse acts up (dangerous when backing out of parking spots). The van still has a hesitation, even after replacing the O2 sensor.

20th May 2007, 21:44

I have a 1995 Villager which displayed the sloppiness in the transmission selector. After looking at the trans. itself, I found that behind the dash there's a "thing" which connects the lever to the cable or whatever that actually selects (on the transmission, under the hood) the gear. That "thing" was loose - it's gold-/brass- (or bronze-) looking, and held by two brass (bronze?) torx screws. If you lie on the driver's side floor, looking up behind the dash, and have someone shift the gear selector for you (MAKE SURE THE EMERGENCY/PARKING BRAKE IS ON!) you should be able to see the piece I mean as the gear selector moves. I tightened up the two torx screws (don't recall which number torx bit I used) and the sloppiness was mostly gone from the shift selector. Hope this helps if anyone's having the same issue - pretty easy check/fix if you are, only costs you a few minutes (and perhaps a torx driver set; I already had one).

7th Sep 2007, 22:37

I have a 1995 Villager Nautica. I got it used from my sister at 50k miles; now it has 105k miles and I'm having some issues.

1. Sometimes when you turn the key to start the engine, the starter barely turns. Let go of the key and try again, and the starter turns normally.

Replaced the battery (was 7 years old). Found corrosion on positive terminal and cable, replaced with new one same gauge.

Took starter out, brushes were well worn, put in new one. Undid negative cable from where it attaches to the engine and cleaned it, and put it back together.

It still is very sluggish to turn over the first crank of the day.

Do you think the new battery could be shot?

I've been having issues starting beyond the starter motor issue described above. The fuel pump runs, but doesn't change note until I've tried cranking the engine over once. Then it goes from high pitched to low pitch as it builds pressure.

I changed the fuel filter recently, also the fuel pressure regulator (that's NOT a fun job). Now my only other option is to drop the tank and replace the pump assembly.

Do you think it might be a bad check valve or pump? I put a pressure gauge on the fuel line and turned the key and got 60lbs of pressure.

Thanks in advance.


9th Sep 2007, 19:39

Update on my issue, the brand new 3 week old battery was BAD!

Took it back to autozone and had them do the load test on it, it dropped down to 8 volts during the load test. I got it swapped there and then and now the van starts much easier.

You wouldn't suspect a brand new battery of being bad, but there you are.

16th Sep 2007, 19:06

I have a 95 villager, 213k miles that has had very little problems... love the car, BUT, I do have a phantom starting problem... every so often I will get in, hot or cold, engine warm or not, and turn the key, and nothing happens. radio and lights come on, but no crank, no click no nothing. Later with no reason, it will start right up. Sometimes minutes later, sometimes hours. I have been stranded for hours, had it towed MANY times, just to start with no obvious problems at the shop. I have replaced everything electrical, battery, battery cables, ignition switch, starter... Any suggestions?

24th Sep 2007, 12:08

I had the same problem ---- It was the fuel pump. Good Luck!

20th Nov 2008, 04:16

We bought a Villager van used with 99000 miles. It now has 147,000. Fuel pump was replaced before we bought it.

We have had several mini vans, The last one was a Honda Odyssey, which was a tranny eating piece of crap. In 2002 we traded it off 3 weeks after we bought it.

Now the Mercury van is an awesome ride, average 20 mpg, smooth, plenty of power, room for all my drums, pa. lights, speakers etc.

Very dependable. I was told the engines and especially the transmission were made better than the Windstar, etc any truth in this or are they junk like the other Ford mini vans?

29th Nov 2008, 20:25

November 29, 2008.

The engine is made by Nissan. The Villager was the twin to the Nissan Quest. I believe it is a very good engine. Definitely not junk.

20th Mar 2010, 20:07

To the person that posted the fix for the shifter on 20th May 2007, 21:44. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! I've had the steering column cover off and couldn't find the problem, been under the van trying to find why the shifter was so sloppy. I had given up. The shop manual was no help. My wife was having to drive it with only three positions on the lever: reverse, neutral and drive. Had to start the van in neutral for weeks. Today she was out shopping and it would no longer go in drive. She called, I Googled 'Villager shifter problems' and finally found your posting. Grabbed my Torx drive set, headed over to where the van was disabled, and fixed the problem in less than 5 minutes. Everything works, from Park to Low 1. You saved me a towing fee and repair cost. Two thumbs WAY UP!!!

19th Oct 2010, 01:36

I used to own one of these vans. They are nothing but trouble. The engine and transmission are good, but there is way too many electrical problems with this van. Exhaust manifold, engine tick, and rust issues as well.

17th Mar 2011, 18:00

Had the same problem; turned out it was the starter. 120 dollars at any parts store...

12th May 2011, 15:29

The problem you said with the starter not liking the first start of the day, sounds like it could possibly be the ignition switch.