10th Jan 2009, 20:59

I drive a remapped Seat Leon tdi.

19th Apr 2010, 10:19

Hi all.

I own a 54 plate ZR 105+; the newer version shape to the older model. Colour pearl black.

I read so much about people having faults with the older version before. I hope this car (newer version) is more improved to the last one. I paid quite cheap really for it for its year and condition, as it is spotless everywhere, even under the bonnet.

I have full history of the car, and did an HPI check also to check it's genuine, no damage etc, it's only has done 14700 odd miles; that's only 14k odd with original manual.

I only have provisional, and my insurance is so crazy for this car LOL. Is there some kinda club insurance I could join for this car to get better insurance. I'm 29 years old and it's coming up everywhere 2000 to 4000 for third party fire n theft, but I've been able to get it finally for 1300, and that was a one payment, not monthly. Looks like I'm gonna have more problems getting good insurance when pass my license..

Oh fuel seems a bit crazy for how newesh this car is. I've drained the oil and put brand new Castrol Edge oil in it; 0w 30w. Supposed to be one best, and fuel saving; I put 20 pounds worth in it up to now, and I reset the mileage before I put it in, and it says I've done 60 odd miles and it's on red already now; surely this can't be right guys? I thought I'd be getting something like 120 miles at least? For 20 that's like 3 and a 1/4 of gallons, and only done 60 odd miles and on red already... Could anyone could advise me on something, or is something wrong??? Or is it just the car.

Cheers all.

20th Apr 2010, 05:05

The newer version of the ZR is actually slightly more problematic than the old one, because the electrics on them (possibly ECU I think as well) is known to fail occasionally, which is costly. They were also made as Rover started to make cut backs, but they aren't really any cheaper built than the mk1 ZR.

I prefer the looks of the Mk2 though, and believe it or not they are cheaper to insure than the early ones because they have better security equipment. Only advice for insurance would be to get as many quotes as possible, and maybe ask on an owners forum to see if there are any companies doing special deals.

As for fuel, I would fill it all the way up and see how many miles you get to a tank. They normally achieve around 300 miles, more or less depending on driving style, and around mid 30's mpg.

Hope this helps.

31st May 2010, 13:25


I've got a bright red 53 MG ZR and love it. I've only had it for 6 months and regularly check the water oil levels etc.

Unfortunately was driving it today and it seemed a little sluggish, so when I got home today, I noticed that there was no water at all in the tank, and looks now like the head gasket has gone. Has anybody got any idea how much this will cost me to get repaired, and how long it will take to do it?

Thanks so much.


31st May 2010, 16:34

Do a Google search for 'rover forum', and go to mg-rover.org and start a thread on there. The guys and gals are very helpful, and you will likely find someone nearby who is reputable, experienced and value for money. Some of the people on there actually come out to you, and can do it there. I think a cheap quote is about £250, and it can go up to twice that.

Good luck.

30th Sep 2013, 17:22

I have the Rover 200, and have rebuilt many of them, and the MG ZR's 1.4. The differences are as follows.

Gearbox ratios are closer than the Rover 25/200, resulting in quicker acceleration on the MG, but slower top end.

The throttle housing is alloy (MG), compared to plastic on some of the Rover 25/R200s.

Suspension and anti roll bars are stiffer.

The steering rack is shorter to compensate for the wider alloys, which would have otherwise rubbed on the inner arches.

So those are the mechanical differences.

17th Sep 2014, 23:08

Is the gearbox the same?