2003 MG ZR 105+ 1.4 from UK and Ireland

General Comments:

I've got an MG ZR 105 plus model 2003, and yesterday I raced the new Astra Sport and he couldn't keep up with me!!! My cousin got the Saxo VTR, and we tried to race, but I thought his car was faster, and I left him looking for park after 2nd gear!!!

My MG is standard; I just applied an air filter!! And before the MG I had the 206 GTI; it's a slow motor in a stunning body, and was giving me problems so I had to sell it!!!

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Review Date: 4th August, 2011

2003 MG ZR 120+ 1.8 from UK and Ireland


Great fun if you get a good one


The car was fitted with an LPG by MG, part of this system had to be replaced.

The glove compartment came out.

Both issues fixed by the dealer without delay nor problems.

General Comments:

Not the most powerful, but hugely fun to drive.

The ride had all the feel of a piece of hardboard, and the turning circle would be put to shame by a truck.

Apart from the LPG system, it never returned to the garage except for servicing.

60000 motorway miles in 2 years only used 1 set of tyres.

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Review Date: 21st November, 2008

2003 MG ZR 160 1.8 VVCi from UK and Ireland


Worth the cost, just keep bit aside for the bad head gasket day


Head gasket went three weeks after I bought it, and then when I got it back, I had to take it back because of the big hole in the head and radiator. I do think this is due to not been cared for.

Cam shaft pulley fell off at 49000. Luckily I stopped straight away to find belts all over the road. God bless the RAC; luckily it didn't do any damage except to my wallet, because it needed a new pulleys, all the belts, timing kit and water pump.

Now it's drinking water again. I think the head gasket is going, and I'm thinking if it was not for the finance, I would consider getting rid, even though I love it.

General Comments:

I agree that it's not the greatest built car, and the ride is not great; you can feel every bump. But this has been my favorite car I have owned, and I have had a few.

It's the 160 model in black with tinted windows, and I have replaced the MG alloys with a nice set of Wolf-race Pro Sprint silver/blacks, which look great.

If it was not for the problems I have had, I would keep this little beauty for few years, but I now fear the head is gonna go again (second time in a year). I have looked after this car (although I have tested its power when needs be) and kept my eye on all the levels, but it must have had a tough time before I bought it.

The handling is brill; it goes where you point it. It's rapid compared to even my previous 1.8 Focus, 2.5 V6 Mondeo and Vectra SRi to name a few.

Just as a extra touch, I have installed a HID headlamp kit, which looks fantastic, and a DVD/Sound system, which turns heads.

I would recommend the ZR to anyone as long as they're aware of its head gasket issues.

Great little car, especially if you pick up a good one. If you don't mind the insurance, get a 160, they're worth it compared to my friends 120, which is OK, but ain't got nothing on the little daddy.

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Review Date: 16th November, 2008

2003 MG ZR 105 1.4 from UK and Ireland


Great road handling, looks


Plastic strips under front of driver and passenger seats fell off.

Usual rattles in door panels.

Door mirrors move out of position regularly.

Just last week, the alternator cable shredded into strips, worked it's way into timing belt housing, wrapping around belt and drive cogs, resulting in the car breaking down.

Hefty repair bill, as all piston rods bent, cylinder head cracked, etc.

In garage at present getting repaired.

General Comments:

I have enjoyed my MG ZR 105 since I purchased it second hand three years ago.

Never had a problem with it, until now.

Only ever needed a wiper blade for driver and passenger sides during last two services from new, so has been very reliable.

Great handling, and looks, but will trade car in this summer.

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Review Date: 15th April, 2008