2003 MG ZR 160 1.8 VVC from UK and Ireland


We hate this car, glad Rover have gone under. They deserve it. Hope the dealer goes too


Heater Matrix leak.

Power steering hose split.

Loose starter motor connection.

Door wiring corrosion.

Door lock.

Front seat leather comes unclipped regularly.

Air in brakes from new, rectified ourselves.

Poor quality brake pads, replaced with alternative.

Front seat tilt forward cable broke.

Poor quality brake pads.

Potentiometer failed.

Currently two engine management faults.

Air conditioning has just failed.

General Comments:

This car is appalling. Never buy one. They are made of poor quality components with poor build quality.

Dealer service and quality of workmanship has been appalling. Whilst fixing some faults more were often created by damage caused during repair by dealer.

Technical support form MG-Rover has been useless.

The engine was a good point, noisy when cold though, until faults developed 6-8 months ago and are still not rectified.

Brakes always had air in, dealer denied. Blatantly obvious when driven. Bled them myself. Brakes much better, but still poor so have changed to EBC pads. Superb now. Original pads very poor quality.

Dealer had several go's at alarm/door locks and engine management faults and failed miserably. Engine now being done by local dyno/diagnostic company at my cost. Damage caused to door trim and lock housing is a joke, ordering new parts myself to fit myself.

Seat catch cable broke. When replaced, dealer ripped both, yes both, seat covers and failed to correctly fit the new cable.

We have wanted to sell this car since December, but couldnt due to faults. Now Rover have gone under and we have lost balance of warranty for what it was worth. Will sort this rubbish motor ourselves now.

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Review Date: 25th April, 2005

18th May 2005, 02:33

Couldn't agree more. Appalling car.

- seat tilt cables (both) snapped within weeks

- offside electric window motor broken - have to drag window up by hand

- nearside door latch broken

- electrics inside car not functioning

- trim/build quality worst I have ever come across.

I too am relieved that rover have gone under - at least no one else will have these problems.. in future I will buy Japanese!

2003 MG ZR TD + 2.0 TD from UK and Ireland


Great looks, Even better handling and well worth a look


Water leak, turned out to be a split hose.

The drivers seat trim has come unclipped and will need fixing when I get time to take car in.

Front indicator steams up.

General Comments:

I use the car as a driving school car to replace the BMW Mini I had before.

I was not going to have the MG as I thought the 1.4 engine was a bit underpowered. Then found out they did a diesel. What can I say.

My car has one previous owner which helped with the colour selection as nearly all the colours this car comes in look good. My car is pearl Black and looks amazing. I think the older model looks better than the newer one.

The handling is superb much better than the Mini. It may be hard to believe, but it would leave the Mini around some twisty bends and the Mini had traction control.

The interior is a bit dated, but certainly not nasty. The equipment levels are very good with electric mirrors, windows and sunroof. The drivers seat could do with being a bit lower as there is not much leg room between seat and steering wheel when your sat close to the wheel.

As I have the diesel, performance is not blistering, but it does not hang about. First gear is really for moving off, second helps you to third and third really sends you down the road. The car will happily sit at 70mph and return about 60mpg. It could do with a 6th gear in my opinion to bring the revs down and off the turbo, even more mpg then.

The turbo is smooth and does make a difference, there is good torque and the car will move along in 5th gear at 30mph on 1000rpm.

The best thing though is I can get 50mpg all the time when learners are driving and most driving is around town and stopping and starting. I on the other hand reach nearly 60mpg.

Overall though the car looks great, corners even better and carries the MG badge better than some of Rovers earlier attempts.

I would quite happily have another, the only problem is which colour...

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Review Date: 23rd February, 2005

29th Dec 2005, 10:11

I have now bought one of the last mg zr 115 td models,i have to say I have had a lot of cars in the past, but this one puts a smile on my face ever time what fun... go and get one.