21st Sep 2005, 13:41

Two words for you. Test Drive.

Had you taken one, you'd have noticed all this before handing over your hard-earned. Why didn't you?

29th Sep 2005, 02:54

Exactly!!! I agree that the ride is not the most smooth of all cars - but that's what you expect when you buy a car that's got lowered sports suspension & 16/17" alloy wheels with low profile tyres! Anyone with an ounce of car knowledge would realise that such modifications (standard or non standard) would have this result. In my opinion I think that the resulting, far superior handling from a standard ZR is worth loosing one or two fillings over!

14th Dec 2005, 14:41

The MG ZR is a sports car not a luxury car. You can't have performance and luxury unless you spend £20.000 +. I like the looks and performance of the car although the brakes could be a little better as I found out in the wet, when some bushes had to stop my car. Over all a nice car.

16th Dec 2005, 04:07

In response to the above comments regarding brakes: I nearly crashed yesterday when it was slightly damp - my brakes made a grinding noise (which I guess was the ABS) but it didn't make me stop very quickly. Is this the case with all ZR's or just mine? I had to steer away from the car in front & ended up mounting the kerb!!! Is there any way you can stop this without changing the entire braking system? Obviously slower driving could prevent this no doubt, but I was going very fast at all - which was wierd! Probably bout 30-40mph.

2nd Feb 2006, 16:30

In response to the comment above, ABS brakes can't cope in very slippy conditions sound pointless really, but its true wait until you have snow you will never stop. Remove the ABS system fuse when driving in slippy conditions and the ABS will automatically deactivate, the car will be perfectly drivable and have normal braking power.

13th Feb 2006, 04:37

Thanx for the advice with regards to the brakes. I guess in a funny way its like turning of the stability control - in a cheap ZR kinda way lol! So, I can keep my ABS on & the brakes will barely work - or I can pull out the fuse (that sounds really bad!) & my car will end up skidding. Decisions, decisions, decisions!!!

17th Mar 2006, 07:14

"GRINDING NOISE" Why on earth would you think this would be your ABS. The reason you're not stopping and getting this noise is maybe because your brake pads are worn, then you'll get metal grinding into your metal brake discs hence the noise.

Get down to your local garage before you destroy your discs or worse CRASH!!!

7th Apr 2006, 05:58

Banger races you what??

These cars a brilliant for what they are he reason why its got hard suspension is so that it corners better wihitch it does incredibly well.

Like evryone else has said...'test drive'???

If it had softer suspension it would not corner well at all...

16th Feb 2007, 15:51

MG'S ARE THE BEST SPORTY HATCH OUT THERE, they look good, feel good, and the slightly hard ride, well that's just reminding you of the potential you've got attached to the end of the steering wheel, and that you're driving around in the most sexy sporty hatch.