11th Sep 2007, 14:09

I don't think you are giving car journalists enough credit there.

Most of the reviews I read praise the chassis, handling, and great engine in the ZS.

Autocar, Car, Evo, and of course Tiff all rate the ZS very highly.

14th May 2008, 14:32

Just bought a 2004 ZS. It has 26000 genuine miles on the clock. It's a fantastic car that sticks to the road like glue. Will add another comment to let everybody know how I'm getting on.

13th Jun 2008, 16:30

Hi, I have just brought ZS 180 2003 in xpower grey unmarked. I love it every time I turn the key. It has a throughflow rear box; it's bit louder, but not too loud. I only paid 3650 pounds for it with 26000 on the clock. I am going to fit a viper induction kit to it. BRITISH AND PROUD OF IT.

2nd Jul 2008, 14:47

Hi everyone first time on here, got my zs 180 a week ago and its brilliant.

I had a supra 3.0 24v v6 before and sold it to my mate, the zs is on par with that and just leaves it through the corners.

This car is welded to the floor through corners and id put it against any hot hatch!!

28th Jul 2008, 17:24

Hi all, just paid £3495 for a 54 plate ZS 180. 1 owner from new with full service history all at the same garage.

Only took it out for a test drive and I love it already and don't pick it up till tomorrow.

It sounds gorgeous and even has 4 doors for the kids!

My wife thinks I'm mad because in her words "it's a Rover" but i'll leave her with the Mondeo ST220 and i'll stick to the MG.

Pity they don't make em anymore!

4th Aug 2008, 11:14

To the post above me. How does the MG compare to the ST220, as I am having a test drive in the MG ZS 2.5 tomorrow. I also have my eye on the ST220, but have not test driven it, plus the ST is just out of my price range.

11th Jun 2010, 17:16

Brilliant car!!!

9th Nov 2010, 14:18

Hahaha at all the MG ZS vs. Fabia comments!

Take your Euroboxes, and leave 'proper' driving to the real cars, like the ZS.