2003 Microcar Virgo Voiturette 505cc petrol from UK and Ireland


Economical and reliable, but noisy, slow, and can't be very safe



General Comments:

This is the by far the smallest car I have even driven. It is no bigger than a Smart.

Considering it only has a 505cc engine acceleration isn't bad on a level surface, perhaps as it is so light (under 400kg!), but it really struggles up hills. It also won't do more than 50mph so don't even think about taking one on the motorway. It is only really suitable to use in towns and small villages like the one I live in.

I get 55mpg out of it, and it is capable of 65mpg on a long run.

It is very maneuverable, and will turn on a dime.

The dealer (Hatch Motors of Sway, Hampshire), is friendly and helpful.

On the negative side, I wouldn't fancy my chances in an accident. It is an extremely small car and feels flimsy. It is certainly not a very safe car.

With only two seats it is impractical.

It is also very, very noisy!

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Review Date: 20th October, 2003

20th Mar 2004, 01:01

I also own a Virgo microcar. It is now nearly two years old and would pass the following comments. Top speed on the flat was around 64 mph, the fuel consumption was always around 44 mpg - irrespective of how the vehicle was driven!

I have had numerous niggling problems with the car :- defective ignition electronics (replaced after threatening legal action) Control knobs falling off the radio and heater - and at present having to run with the car on permanent choke, if I don't then the fastest speed is around thirty five mph. Nobody seems to know the answer to this one!!

I think that the Virgo is a very practical town car, but suffers from a combination of no proper support network and under developed long term pre market testing.