28th Jun 2010, 14:00

I own a 2004 Virgo and it has its faults like electrics, but on the whole it's a good car.

Handles well, does 60mph easily.

Top tip - fit Hankook tyres, good all round all weathers.

16th Nov 2010, 08:01

Can anyone tell me where I might be able to download a workshop manual for a Prestige HSE (2001)?


17th Dec 2010, 03:58

You would NOT be able to drive one of these at age 16 in the UK. The engine size is too big, you are restricted to 49cc at age 16. France did manufacture tiny 50cc "cars", but never sold them here.

3rd Feb 2011, 18:51

I am 14 and living in Spain, and have had my Microcar Virgo for 1 year now, and I LOVE it to bits; it's very reliable and it does 60 kmh, and is very economical. I think all the people that slag them off should buy one and experience it, and once they have, they will appreciate how good they are!!!


9th Feb 2011, 17:10

I have a 2003 Microcar Virgo HSE. I purchased it in the UK, but to drive a foreign registered vehicle in Ireland, you have to re-pay the VRT, which is the tax paid by the first owner. This is calculated by CO2 rating and the open market value. I can't find the CO2 rating anywhere! Does anyone know or can help me?

Thanks. oisinmcconnell@yahoo.co.uk

11th Feb 2011, 07:33

Hi, I've looked on www.smmtco2.co.uk, and for the petrol 2003 Microcar Virgo Prestige HSE, it shows as 103g/km.

I hope this helps!


15th Jun 2011, 07:46

I wouldn't say reliability is legendary. I've owned three Smarts and each one have had their fair share of problems.

What you have to remember is these cars are built by Mercedes and the parts prices including servicing is comparable to owning a Merc. My Smarts were all new, I remained loyal to the brand but after the third, I just could not justify paying so much for a car that costs so much to own and run.

My Kia Picanto was cheaper to buy, as easy to park and in 12 months hasn't given a single problem, costs £20 to tax and joy of joys, has a 7 year warranty.

22nd Sep 2011, 05:19

Hi Neil,

I have owned a 58 plate Microcar for 2 years, and need to change the drive belt.

Could you please mail me the word document to bernardrees@fsmail.net.

Many thanks


20th Nov 2011, 12:57

I have got a Microcar Virgo. It's a 2000. I have also had an Aixam, but I find them very slow and the gearbox went on me two times, so if you are going to buy one, get a Microcar Virgo, or the MC1 or 2.

21st Mar 2012, 21:40

49cc and 50cc the same???

Please do the maths, there is one cubic centimetre difference, and I believe the law regards mopeds to be 'under' 50cc and restricted to below 30 mph.

1st Jul 2012, 11:39

The car that is struggling around 35 MPG might be having problems with the ethanol in the petrol, and if it's been standing around for a while, it absorbs moisture from the air thru the vent, and clogs jets etc.

Hope this was useful.

Yours, The Reverend Rat +:-)

14th May 2017, 20:30

Well said George.

They are great for anyone who is young and does not have a full license.

Much safer than a motorbike, moped or scooter.

Givers drivers plenty of experience driving by themselves prior to getting a provisional license.

Adds to confidence.

It's sad that so many of these readers don't follow the subject matter and push for getting an old banger or buying Smart Car or similar.

My son has a Chatenet Speedino.

It pulls 1000 times more looks than the most tuned Smart Car, because they are all just another Smart Car.

Plus he will have two years driving experience under his belt before he takes to the road.

And I enjoy driving it too.