27th Dec 2014, 08:26

I own a '96 3000GT VR-4, stock except for a K&N FPIK. Love it, never selling it.

My question: Which car felt faster stock, the 300ZX Twin Turbo or the GTO/3000GT VR4? The Mitsubishi was tested as being quite a bit faster than the Z in a straight line (0 to 60 in 4.8 seconds for the Mitsu vs 5.3ish for the Z, 1/4 mile in 13.5 for the Mitsu and 13.8 for the Z), so I know that the 3000 is faster stock for stock, but I am wondering which feels faster in your opinion, as power delivery is probably different as well.


23rd Jun 2017, 20:26

I remember it like yesterday (7 years ago now); man the GTO (3000GT) had so much torque. Truly unmatched by the other 90s JDM turbos. So the answer to your question though, depends really what your definition of faster is. At 1700 RPM... mash the gas in the VR4 and you're making power instantly still and moving all the way through the powerband. Obviously from a dig too, torque and AWD go hand in hand and that's what kept the VR4 numbers lower than the 300ZX. On the street cruising though, or if they were to go from a roll... I think the 300ZX has it by a slight margin. The 300ZX powerband started more around the 3000+ RPM. They really were quite different machines, even though they were rivals. The 300ZX in the summer was so fun and beautiful and just a smile on your face at all times. Come winter, she's gone in storage, only memories of the hot sunny days to keep you happy. The 3000GT can go all year and possibly even be funner in the winter than the 300ZX is in the summer. Both are great cars that capture just how unbelievable the 90s were for sports cars. Man, what a great time in general. No greater decade than the 90s, and that goes for more than just the cars.