6th Jun 2004, 10:16

The 1991 to 1993 VR-4 was less powerful, but was faster in general because of the 5 speed manual Getrag transmission. I agree with your choice concerning the headlights and your decision to get a 3000GT VR-4. Thanks for listening.

10th Aug 2004, 14:42

I'm looking to buy a new car and just have a question about the reliability and maintenance costs. my budget is about 4000, and there are a few VR-4s on the market with about 150K miles for 3500-4000, which I consider extremely cheap. I'm just wondering if you think it's a smart buy, considering that once I buy the car and register it, I won't really have much money to throw down for repairs/maintenance in the near future. in other words, how much problems has your car given you, and how much have you had to spend on non-regularly scheduled maintenance? any info would be much appreciated. thanks.

19th Aug 2004, 13:07

If you found a Vr-4 for that low I would have a mechanic check it out before you buy it, something is obviously wrong with it. Things to check on: drive train, front and rear wheels match, get a carfax report check for major accidents, and most of all check the engine it runs about $5400 for a rebuild on this car.

16th Sep 2004, 09:51

I've owned 3 VR-4's, and let me give all of you some advice. Even if taken care of, anything over 100k miles is a risk to buy. Every 60k, they need a tune-up, which will run over $1200 at an authorized dealer. 91-93 transmissions are notorious for breaking. Nothing, I repeat nothing on this car can be fixed cheap, even if you can do the work yourself. It's called a 3000, because if something breaks, the parts to replace it are $3000, and they have to be shipped in from 3000 miles away. OK, that's a bit of a stretch, but you get the point.

Also, tires... you should replace all 4 at a time since its AWD and even if you buy super cheap Walmart tires, you're looking at at least $500 for ones that will fit stock rims and speed rating.

Anyone really interested in these cars should go to www.3si.org. It's the best, and there are thousand of 3000/Stealth owners who can answer any other questions.

Good luck finding your own; IMO they're one of the best cars ever built.