27th Mar 2012, 07:00

I own a lot of 380's.

I daily drive a 380GT, the one used in the TV ads. It has sat nav, leather, sunroof, Bluetooth... everything I want.

I have had a door winder replaced under warranty, and that's it.

We have 8 of these in the family, and door winders seem to be about the only warranty claim.

I never let the oil changes get to 15000k's; anyone who does is a fool, the oil gets dangerously low in any car at that interval.

Do the oil every 7500k's, and the services at 15000k's, and it will run forever.

I also have the limited edition TMR380 supercharged model.

It is a fantastic piece of work, and a brilliant red colour with superb body kit, brakes that can work out at Bathurst all day long, and Koni suspension... all standard.

We also have the GTL, which has the nice white leather interior.

The VRX with leather and sunroof are very rare and extremely capable vehicles.

I have had Limited Slip Differentials fitted to two of my 380's, as they are supercharged... the TMR380 and the 380GT daily.

The LPG kit from the factory (The Impco Sequent56) makes a huge difference to the running costs, and a seamless transition from petrol to LPG on start up ensures the valves are never going to be a problem like in the Holden and Ford LPG kits.

My 380GT... supercharged, LPG, LSD, Koni suspension... a very, very capable 5.7 second 0-100km/h car.

Please don't tell too many people how good these cars are... we need the prices artificially low... Hahaha!

9th Jul 2014, 02:17

You're one of the lucky people to have those nice 380s.

I just recently bought a 2008 380 SX series 3 from an auction with 117,000 km on it, and paid $4800... a bargain!

Had driven one in the past, and now very excited to own one.