29th Oct 2017, 20:02

Great review. But especially being a diesel, I would suggest you stick to the 15K km service interval. The extended service intervals have been blamed for many cars, especially diesel, having problems like timing chain failures. (Yes, there have been faulty batches in some cars, but the extended interval means the oil is dirtier for longer, which doesn't help the situation).

23rd Aug 2018, 15:49

Update 2: The car is now 7 years old and has done 130000km. Both front shock absorbers needed changing for the last MOT, but otherwise the car sailed through. Since my last update the diesel filter also needed replacing for the second time; in this car it appears to have a life of about 60000km and causes the engine warning light on the dashboard to come on once it needs replacing, rather than giving a less worry-inducing signal!

Actual fuel consumption is still stable, but the trip computer seems to be becoming more unrealistic and prone to sudden (large) drops in predicted range as time goes by. I haven't trusted the range predictions or fuel consumption readouts since I got the car (see original review above), but they are getting worse.

The steering wheel buttons are starting to stick a little now, sometimes you need to give a couple of prods to get the cruise control to engage, and the "accelerate" function doesn't always work. The rest of the interior is still more or less as-new and working properly (other than the floor mats also mentioned in update 1 above). The seats especially are still in remarkable condition, they've never been massively comfortable or supportive, but you wouldn't really know that they've had 130000km of use.

To sum up, the car is still getting all the basics right - if all I have to complain about is an optimistic trip computer and some wonky plastic buttons, then it must be doing OK.

26th Aug 2018, 02:20

Thanks for the update. These are tempting for their low price, relatively simple running gear, and optional manual transmission. It’s good to know they hold up for the long haul.