1985 Mitsubishi Colt GL 1.6 from Australia and New Zealand


It's a Mitsubeastie!


Well, there were no real problems when I got the car. It had been in an old ladies garage for most of its life, and all it needed was a tune up.

Although, later in its life, someone in a parking lot decided to do a hit and run on my boot. Was cheapish to repair, bought a new boot from a wrecker and took to the rest with a hammer.

Its idle is pretty low, and it likes to stall a bit just after starting it.

General Comments:

The car is slow, its top speed is 140km/h, going down hill, and that that speed, it feels as though the car is going to fall apart.

The stock stereo is crap, a radio, and 2 small 4 inch front speakers.

It has air conditioning, which was surprising.

The interior was as new, and still is, but the seats after a while can become rather uncomfortable. The font seat also don't go back far enough, so I feel cramped while driving.

It does OK burn outs, and it use to do good 180's, but that was before I put some new tyres on it.

It can take off fairly well, and you can beat almost anything on the road, as long as they don't know your racing them, other wise your screwed.

It has OK steering, not power, but it is a light car, so it doesn't matter too much. You really wish it had power steering when parking though.

It doesn't use too much petrol (if I'm not thrashing it), if I'm just cruising on the freeways, I get about 12km/L, in the city I get about 8.

I like to joke around by calling it "THE BEAST", but its not. Its a fairly good car, it gets me around. For a first car, I would recommend it.

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Review Date: 7th January, 2002

13th Jan 2002, 05:26

I agree, fully. Slow, yet economical. Goes from A to B. Probably a good thing it's slow, cos it means you don't get tempted to drive fast, and write the thing off.

14th Jan 2002, 07:10

Yeah its slow, that's why I don't like it.

I want something that can take off at the lights, and hope to beat the push bike next to me.

If anyone knows how I can fix up my colts engine to put a bit of beef in, please do tell... cos right now its crap as hell!