19th May 2002, 02:27

Sorry bout the mistake..

Get the cam ground 450 thou lift.

26th May 2002, 08:32

Hi, do you have an email address I could email you at? Or your ICQ number or something. I'm guessing that you have done this to your colt, or you know someone who has so I would like to talk to you about it.

4th Aug 2002, 10:38

Any Mitsubishi Colt RB to RE can be fitted with a 1800cc motor from a Mitsubishi Cordia. Maybe the turbo, but not sure about that. I had a 1800 in mine when the 1600 turned smokey, gave the car a bit of zip.

10th Jan 2003, 06:18

Are you sure a Mitsubishi Colt is the right car for you guys? No-one in their right mind would buy a Colt and expect it to race off from the lights leaving a V6 (or even a Daewoo (!) in its wake. I hope some 'hoon' hasn't had his hands on the Colt we've just bought and thrashed it around at 140kph.

We've just bought our Colt (1984 1.4 GL with 135000kms) as a second car so we can both get to work and back without too much stress. As a cheap car we also intend to use it to run around town - we hope we can preserve its life by 'responsible' driving and with basic routine maintenance as required. But if it dies then that's the gamble you take when buying a 19 year old car!

15th Nov 2003, 22:55

Holy crap buddy!!! 110 in 2nd? I find the only thing that my colt ('83 1.6L) does particularly well is handbrake turns, and its cornering is pretty sweet. Whoever wrote this review is a person after my own heart "you can beat anyone at the lights.. as long as they don't know your racing" LOL!! I've done that so many times! I think that its great that I can drive the colt like crazy and still stay under the speed limit, making it a great first car to have (you can't lose your license!!)

11th Mar 2004, 04:44

I have an Rb colt 1.6 GSR and I have got 110 out of 2nd stock. its done it once, but doesn't wanna do it again. also got it to 160 with about 1500rpm till red line. in general they are pretty sweet little cars definately the go if you want something cheap and reliable.

By the way has anyone heard anything about putting a lancer gearbox into one of these.

11th Oct 2004, 07:02

Hey guys, A few years on and its great to see your all enjoying my review of the Colt! Now driving a Ford Falcon 6cyl LPG. Much more power for same fuel costs... But damn I miss my colt. Gotta be careful in the ford because it's a 2001 model and I don't wanna screw it over.

The cold was the most fun car I've ever had, and now I'm looking to buy a Leyland Moke just so I have a car I can drive for pleasure again. Wish I never got rid of the Colt!


6th Feb 2005, 23:46

My car is a 1985 Mitsubishi colt 45, it has sigma turbo rims, Magna brakes, and a 2.0 liter Evolution 3 turbo motor + 4wd.

When it still had the 1400cc engine it clocked 175 at 8200 rpm, then the engine spat the dummy (spat out piston and con rod) I am in the process of building up another car to factory spec (1.4lt) and an going to start a colt car club in Victoria Australia.

31st Mar 2005, 05:39

I just bought a colt for $200... in nice condition (lady owner). 4 speed with overdrive (got 2 shifters, one for gearbox and one for high/low ratio)

Thing pulls killer burnouts for a front wheel drive and been airborne several times and I mean dukes of hazard style airborne!!! - shocks still in good condition though.

Had the exhaust manifold glowing red hot last night doing burnouts, had both wheels spinning and popped the drivers side tyre... drove it home on the rim.

I just can't kill this car and I drive it like it's a 2 stroke dirt bike.

19th Mar 2007, 07:11

WOW.. I thought I was impressed by all your colt-related comments, but that was nothing compared to all the restrictions I came upon when trying to write my own entry... Hope it won't be deleted - have mercy on me, I'm from Poland and don't really speak English well.

My question to all old Colts owners is: is it normal that my Colt 1.8 Diesel has only 4 gears? I love the car, I bought it some 5 months ago and can't help adoring it (it's old-style and so kind-hearted), but when I speed over 70-80 km/h on the fourth gear the engine howls like a pig being slaughtered. It really seems like it misses the fifth gear.

The gear lever has a 5-gears-indicating drawing, is it possible that someone in the past switched the gear box? Or maybe the fifth is just "out of order"... I can't seem to find any information about it here in Poland - I'm probably one of all three 85-colt-diesel owners in this country.

Help if you can, please!

Best regards


10th Jun 2008, 10:31

Hey guys,

I don't understand why everyone is saying that these things are slow! I have a 1.6L split shift SE. I have had it up past 170km/h on the flat, controlled conditions, and it was like it was floating.

Remember 50kw in a 700kg car is as good a power to weight ratio as most newer big cars. I've owned V8s and know this Volt would have nothing on them, but it is zippy, economical and reliable. I love it.