2005 Mitsubishi Colt Invite 1.1 from Portugal




So far nothing, although a strange tickling noise in the upper part of the dashboard, at bumpy roads, is beginning to get me furious!

General Comments:

It's very quick! I particularly like its motor noise (a looks like an electrical zigging) and stylish interior. The interior red trim looks very "chique" a fashion! Very spacious and with lots of small compartments to get your things on the right place. Very amusing to drive and to deal with: it "bleeps" when have the lights on, it "bleeps" when you don't fasten your seat belt, it "bleeps" when you're running out of gas... it's always "bleeping":)

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Review Date: 5th July, 2006

2005 Mitsubishi Colt DI-D 5 dr 1.5 turbo diesel from UK and Ireland


The best I've ever driven


Nothing really. A few minor items on first delivery were solved by the dealer under warranty. These included one door a bit stiff and brakes squeaking.

General Comments:

Really fun to drive. The engine has great acceleration, the seating and interior space and instruments are excellent, with good scope for adjustment. The level of kit is very generous, and the display of economy, trip distance etc is very useful.

The gears are smooth, the engine accelerates very fast, and cruises very comfortably on the motorway, as well as handling a treat on country roads (the only problem is being sure you don't exceed legal limits)! I like the steering too. It takes a little getting used to, as it is not over-assisted, so gives a very sharp and precise feel, compared to some other vehicles. The suspension is good, giving comfort in all conditions, whilst being hard enough to make cornering a doddle.

Comfortable, remarkably spacious - passengers call it Tardis, and the adjustable boot/seat space in the rear is very useful. The adjustment is easy too, and you can quite easily remove the rear seats (and fold the front passenger seat right down) should you ever need to.

The economy is amazing. It will regularly return over 60 mpg, and can get as high as 70, without any special effort.

The only fault I've found is that the windscreen pillars make vision difficult around bends, roundabouts etc - but I think this is inevitable with any vehicle with a forward raked windscreen like this.

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Review Date: 9th October, 2005

4th May 2006, 14:17

I am thinking of buying this car and found the comments very useful. Will now go ahead to test drive. Well done and thanks.

22nd Mar 2007, 07:31

Thanks for this very helpful review. I was considering the Colt for a while and after reading your complements I took a test drive and was amazed! The 1.5 Di-D engine is amazing, very torquey and powerful. It's also stuffed with gadgets and looks great! I'm putting my order in this weekend :D Thanks again for this great review.

9th Sep 2008, 04:55

How to prove the authenticity of these comments?

22nd Jun 2013, 11:45

By taking a test drive.

2005 Mitsubishi Colt Elegance 1.3 petrol from UK and Ireland


Well built and a great overall package


There was a creak from the front suspension when passing over potholes, speed bumps - especially on cold days.

It's a known problem. This was solved by the dealer having to apply a special grease to the bushes. Now cured.

General Comments:

Space is the reason we changed from a VW Polo. And the Colt is Tardis-like inside. It is on a par in the passenger cell with an MPV, with plenty of room in the back for the kids (or 3 x adults!). The boot is small, but the rear seats slide forward on rails if a bit extra is needed. All this in the same overall length is the same as the Polo.

1.3 is eager performer. The semi-auto box takes getting used to in fully auto mode as you have to learn to anticipate the gear change and lift of the accelerator pedal. I prefer the Up/Down manual selection for greater control around town.

It handles really well, with little body roll for such a tall car. The steering is nicely weighted and gives sufficient feedback. Economy is good too with about 32mpg around town and circa 42mpg on a run.

Stereo is good, but the info display is hard to read on a bright day. General fit and finish is very good with no squeaks or rattles.

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Review Date: 12th June, 2005

2005 Mitsubishi Colt 1.1 1.1 from UK and Ireland




I haven't found anything wrong with the car so far.

Although the boot is a bit small, it is fine if you place the things in it properly.

General Comments:

The car is very quiet.

There is great sound off the radio or c.d.

The Cabin is very spacious, and the seats are very comfortable.

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Review Date: 26th March, 2005